Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The "K" in Kauai Behind the Scenes.

So when we go to the movies, which we do quite frequently, we always love the outtakes. You know, those funny, behind the scenes clips that don't make the final cut.

Well, I thought I'd share a couple of the funny ones of the "K" in Kauai adventure.

The photo of "K" at the San Francisco airport was a funny shot. Her hair was too long, so I folded it up and glued it in place. Every picture, that reflected just the right light, showed the folds. I tried to edit this in Photoshop so it wouldn't be as noticeable. Also, in order to showcase her WHITER than White legs, I decided to fold up the pant legs too. The glue didn't hold so well and they kept unrolling. AND notice the bamboo stir stick? This helped with "propping" her up and holding her in just the right spot. The other passengers at the terminal gave me the strangest looks. NOT the first during this "little" adventure.

Phillip actually came up with the idea of taking her picture ON the plane. The first photos were very dark, so I had to turn on the flash. Yeah, face the other passengers, point the camera to the seat cushion and take a flash picture. The puzzled look on their faces was priceless? But, the flight attendant stood there and just smiled. She could see "K" in the seat.

When we went to Bubbas, there was a girl and two boys (brothers age 18 and 15 - like my two youngest boys) working. I asked if one of them would help me take a picture of my "friend". They all looked at each other and the two boys did the whole - you do it, no, you do it. The younger one lost out. He held her and I took her picture with Jack Black. After I told him what I was doing, they were totally into it! There was also a photo of Tom Cruise, but I didn't dare get that picture! Not even for the "behind the scenes".

Here I am burying "K" in the sand. I was trying to give her a good sand body, but I couldn't stop laughing that she ended up looking more like one of those cartoon cowboys with those horseshoe bow-legs. AND the moisture in the sand made her act like one of those red gelatin/paper-like Chinese (?) fish we used to play with as a kid. Remember those?

On the day we went to the Zip Line, I wanted to get a photo of her with the sign. We locked the car and Phillip went to the check in store (in the background). I took the camera and walked back to the end of the road and tried to "weave" "K" into the fence next to the sign. The wind kept blowing her hair off (I used the same hair everyday - except the 1st morning and the braid days.) So I walked back to the car. Phillip had the keys. Got the keys and then the glue to attach the hair. Walked back to the fence. Posed her. Went to take the picture. NO MEMORY STICK!!! Oh yeah, it was at the cottage in the laptop. Back to the car. Crossed my fingers - a 32 kb memory stick in the bag. YEAH! Not much memory, but at least I could get a few pictures at 72 dpi. She held onto the fence pretty good!

While we were waiting for our tour to start, I took these photos. Phillip overheard a couple talking about a soldier they knew receiving a Beanie Baby from home and his troop photographed its adventures in Afganistan. COOL!

Yes, sometimes, I got some really strange looks. This was one such time. POSH SPA. I guess not all the guests bring along a "little" friend.
This was a fun picture that turned out blurry and didn't make the cut.

The SNORKEL pictures are definately my favorites AND the funnest! Phillip and I were loving these!

Needless to say, "K" got a bit worse for wear getting these. Smeared lipstick. Lost a leg and a fin. NO sharks! Just high tide!

Hope you had fun!

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