Thursday, March 12, 2009

Aloha - Day 1

Howdy all. We made it. The flight was long and due to the time change - 3 hours in reverse - it made for a very long day!

I am happy to report, however, that I was able to book a last minute ticket for my good friend. Let's just call her "K", to protect her identity. I actually surprised her this morning at 3:00 a.m. For those of you who know "K", know that she hates having her picture taken - especially at 3:00 in the morning. Messed-Up Bed-Hair. No make-up. And let's not forget her matching pink eye mask and jammies. Oh well. It had to be blogged!!! What are friends for??? Right????

Besides, how could I NOT try to get her a ticket to ride. Every time one of us "girlfriends" go to Hawaii, she makes it REALLY clear that she wants to go - even if it means being stuffed into a suitcase!!! So be it!!!! Ha Ha

Next, here we are in San Francisco waiting to board the plane to Lihue, Kauai.

Okay, first of all, I have to apologize to "K" for the surprise "abduction". I'm sorry that you didn't have time to tan, but my legs are white too...well, maybe not the white-cardstock white yours are, but still... Second, I'm sure you would have wanted to pack more than one carry-on bag, but with the last-minute booking and with the airlines charging for checked luggage, you're stuck with the one bag! Sorry! But you did have enough time to get dressed and your hair looks great!!!

Look at the bright side, you get to wear your cool orange sunglasses that Janice got for you - Go Beavers!!! Now the whole island will know you are a fan!!!

After a bit of waiting, people watching, and waiting some more, we were finally on the plane. Phillip and I would have had a whole row of three seats to ourselves, but we let "K" sit with us in Economy Plus instead of regular coach - that extra 5" of leg room makes all the difference you know.

She did well keeping her seat belt fastened and her tray table and seat back in the upright position. But it was a long flight. Over 5 hours!!! That's a long time to sit! Well, except for the potty break. "K" did good though. She only got up once. (she's gonna kill me for sharing this part, but when nature calls, nature calls!)

We finally landed in Lihue just before noon. The flight was pretty uneventful, except for a ton of turbulence - more than I think I've ever felt on any plane.

Once we got off the plane and as this was "K"'s first time to Kauai, I arranged to have something special for her.

Sorry, "K", but it has to be said - "K" GOT LEI'D IN HAWAII!!!!! (o.k., get your minds out of the gutter!!!) She got a beautiful, purple flower Hawaiian lei. She was SO happy. If you've ever been Lei'd in Hawaii, you know how it makes you feel - happy and you can't stop smiling and feeling special!

After we got our rental car, we ate lunch at Panda Express, it was near the Safeway store. We went food shopping and then proceeded to our cottage-by-the-sea.

It was pretty windy and even though the ocean and the view is absolutely breathtaking, it's a bit chilly and the ocean is a bit turbulent. Phillip and I relaxed for a little bit in the hammock before testing the water. It's a bit chilly!

After our at-the-cottage dinner - sandwiches, chips and salsa, and pina coladas - the wind completely stopped and it was so tranquil. But before we could get back outside, the rain came.

YES, RAIN!!! BUT the saving grace is when it hits the metal roof of the cottage over the bed, from which I am Laptop blogging right now, sounds so soothing!!!

Until tomorrow - sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite! ps. we haven't seen any bugs yet, only a bunch of rogue, roaming chickens. They are everywhere running wild.

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