Friday, March 13, 2009

Aloha - Day 2

So after a much needed nights sleep - I don't even remember falling asleep - maybe it was the sound of the rain on the standing seam metal roof, or maybe it was the rum - we woke to the sound of the roosters and the birds chirping.

It was just before the 6:46 sunrise - which was sort of there somewhere. Ok, I know I've said it a million times that I'm NOT a morning person, but the 3 hour time difference makes all the difference. It's kind of like cheating my pschye into thinking I've slept in. I love that part of visiting Hawaii. Not like when we go to Florida. I have jet-lag there.

So back to the day. It was overcast, windy and a bit chilly out. When we saw that, we were kind of bummed out and started to second guess our vacation. Nothing depresses you more than getting your mind into a funk. BUT - after our shower, the clouds broke, the sun came out, the water turned the beautiful turquoise blue Hawaii is known for and all was well. We walked outside to the beach, played a bit and took a few photos.....
Me with my white legs
Phillip on the coral-laden beach in front of the cottage

My friend "K" by the water

We did a little beachcombing. The beach has really coarse-style sand and is littered with coral. All wonderful shapes. I looked for a perfect piece that was heart shaped. I found a few contenders, but not the perfect one yet! Once I do, I'll take a picture AND only a picture - no Ancient Hawaiian Curse for me!!!!

As I was looking for heart-shaped coral, Phillip was taking in the ocean views. The surf is pretty rough right now. If it wasn't, this would be an awesome place to snorkel. (we've seen the pictures of calm seas to prove it!) Bummer, it's not!!!

"K" was searching for coconuts. Not really sure she would find one RIGHT on the beach, but she did.
Next, we played in the sand and like tourists, we had to bury someone. Hmmmm...who should we bury?

I got it....


Later, we drove down to Hanalei and had lunch at BUBBAS Burgers, a local hamburger joint. Cute place.

Their sign cracked me up.

Phillip bought a shirt. It is printed with their sign logo. Bubba changed his catch-phrase to include ATTORNEYS. Phillip speculated that maybe Bubba got a divorce and was taken to the cleaners by an attorney....we'll never know.

We ate outside under one of these thatched roof tables. Not sure what the locals call them, but we called it a BUBBA HUT! It began to drizzle and then stopped and became sunny again.

"K" was a little embarrassed to be having lunch in her bathing suit, but I assured her that everyone on the island wears less than we do at home!
AND.... Check this out - you're never gonna believe who "K" got to take a picture with......


Oh, I almost forgot. Remember, when we went to Disneyland and I blogged about finding money? Well, guess what I found in the grass, under the table? A quarter!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!! Vacation is almost paid for - NOT!!!

It would have been amazing if it was a Hawaii State quarter, but it wasn't. It was Alabama!

After lunch, we drove down towards Princeville - not even 5 minutes away, we stopped at this overlook and sat a few.
We watched the clouds fly over the mountains. They haul ass here!!! I don't think I've ever seen clouds move in and out of an area as fast as they do here. Blink and the weather will change. I was hoping to get a peek at the peaks, but not today! We did see a helicopter way off - and I do mean WAY OFF in the distance giving a tour of the multitude of waterfalls. NOW, those are awesome - even from this far away!

These three pictures would make a nice panoramic print...

Right side
Left side

And because you probably can't read the bumper sticker at the bottom of the sign, here's a close-up..

After that, we went and did a little shopping - groceries and the like, in Princeville. While we were in a shop buying the coolest, little bamboo cutting board, it began to DUMP RAIN!!! AND I MEAN DUMP!!! Torrentially!!! We stayed in the store until it quit - about 6 1/2 minutes later. I said BLINK and it would change. The sun came out and we began our drive back to the cottage.

We stopped roadside a few times and walked and sight-see'd (I don't think that's a word, but oh well, you get the picture.) We stopped at one turn-out and hiked precariously down a steep, steep muddy, slippery, leaf-littered, somewhat-of-a-trail, trail. I was in my flip-flops, so I took them off to keep from slipping out of them and breaking my tail-bone or worse! The little pine-cone-like things hurt the bottoms of my feet a little, but I was afraid of falling, so I began a fast trot-like motion down the slope. For some reason, this makes me feel safer than falling??? What kind of logic is that??? I'm not sure. Maybe those Pina Coladas last night killed some brain cells?

Anyway, the view from the seaside, lava cliffs was indescribable (sp?). I have never seen an ocean so violent and spectacular. Phillip wasn't even really close to an edge and he got soaked from a rogue (not-so-rogue) exploding wave. The thunderous sound of the waves hitting the rocks was amazing. The whole ground rumbled. We wanted to take pictures, but like dummies, we left the camera in the car. You know, the whole, let's just take a quick look and then impulsively take a death-defying descent. We'll have to go back with the camera and take video. Still photos just wouldn't do it justice.

Last stop back was to see a beachy cove. Guess what we saw? WATER AND SAND!!! AND GRAY CLOUDS AND WIND!

AND.....drumroll please......

These guys (and gal)....

Back at the cottage, it DUMPED rain again. REALLY, REALLY hard. So, we had 2nd lunch and watched 50 First Dates (filmed in Hawaii by the way) AND there are scenes of it RAINING!!! Wow! It rains in Hawaii!!! First, Maui and now Kauai!

Now, Phillip is walking to Tunnels Beach, about a 5-10 minute walk. (update, he's back and says the tide is too high for passage) I'm blogging and "K" is, well, let's just say, she's enjoying being in Kauai ...

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