Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aloha - Day 4

Time is just flying by. I can't believe Sunday is almost coming to a close. No fair!!! BUT, at least THIS Monday (tomorrow) won't be one of those normal "I hate Mondays" Monday. Instead, as I was taking a nap today, Phillip surprised me with the news that he had booked us a massage tomorrow morning up at the Princeville Resort Spa. Isn't he the BEST husband EVER??? (for those of you who don't know him, let me tell you, HE IS THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!!) From boyfriend to husband - 26 years and counting!!!! I definitely made the right choice when I called him to go on a date - goes to show, it IS o.k. for girls to ask the boys. Otherwise, the good ones just might get away.....

Today, we woke up to the most spectacular day! A PERFECT Hawaiian day. Sunny, clear, warm, calm breeze. PERFECT!

"K" spent her morning around the property and the many sitting areas surrounded by beautiful foliage. This is one of her favorites, just outside the kitchen door.
I walked down to our beach and saw the ocean was calm and blue. Lovely. Then, as I was walking back up the path, I looked up and saw a FULLY NAKED WOMAN in the FULLY OPEN sliding glass wall. There she was, in all her splendor. I felt like a peeping Tina. Only, I didn't even have to try! That cottage and it's wall of glass doors face right onto the beach!
To clear the mind, here is a little tour of flora, and wildlife, around the place....

Last night we had made tentative plans to drive around the island - back east, south and then west to the other side. The dry side. But instead, we drove up to Tunnels beach and played a bit in the water while watching a couple of local fishermen. We wanted to snorkel, but they had the WARNING: NO SWIMMING signs up. Even though the water LOOKED calmer than it has since we arrived, we figured they know best and played it smart - besides we left our yellow helmets at the ranch......(see yesterday's post).

The Kauai island "book", shows that our cottage is just a little ways away from Tunnels, so in my infinate wisdom, I told Phillip he could drive the car back to the cottage and I'd like to walk the beach back, just to see how far it really is, and I'd meet him there.

Well, I should have learned my lesson of "looks can be deceiving" back when Phillip and I decided to walk the Las Vegas Strip in the dead of Summer WITHOUT a water bottle, because "it doesn't look that far - it's just right there!" AND it ended being the WALK OF TORTURE! Maybe, not in the cooler months, but in August!? We should have been wearing helmets, because clearly, a taller than life hotel at the end of the strip, is NOT as close at it appears!

Same applies to a printed map. An 1/8" blip is ALOT farther than one would think. Now walking on a road or other hard surface would have been a cake walk, but walking in sand is a whole other adventure. My calves - those almost 41-year old, not-so-athletic calves got a workout. Now keep in mind, that this stretch of beach doesn't have ordinary beach sand. The sand is coarser, which you'd think would make walking easier, but in reality, wet or dry (and believe me, I tried walking in the surf, next to the surf, wet sand, dry sand) this sand causes your feet to sink a good 4-5" each step. I finally started walking in someone else's leftover sink-holes. Good idea, huh? Well, it would have been, except their stride was much longer than mine. My short inseam legs got a work out.

I was keeping a pretty brisk pace and since the sun was shining full bore today, I could feel my skin starting to fry. Oh no! I hadn't put on any sunscreen yet. Remember, we were in the car 30 minutes ago! In shorts and a no-sleeve shirt. No bottled water. Uh OH. I kept thinking, Please don't get fried. Please don't get fried. I adjusted my hair to cover my shoulders. That thin-skinned area that is always first to burn.

Even though I was hustling because I knew Phillip had to be at the cottage by now, I said hello to several people as I was walking - aka: sucking wind and glistening.

One older guy I said hi to began walking with me and telling me he knows a guy in Southern Oregon who grows medical marijuana (sp?) We conversed for a bit, then we came upon a semi-naked, tanned butt walking in front of us. I looked up and saw a naked back too. No big. Then SHE turned and said "Hi" to us. WHOA! I wasn't expecting that! She walked with us for a bit. These two were locals and knew each other - then I said "later" and left them.

After a few more beaches, I FINALLY saw a familiar landscape off in the distance. I made it! Oh, let me tell you, drinking water never tasted so good! I'll NEVER take it for granted again.

We drove up to Anini Beach - the area where, apparently, all the rich people live and are building - and snorkeled a while.

We saw a turtle right away. In only about 3 feet of water. It was eating the grass off the ocean floor. It wasn't even afraid and it's shell looked like people had even drawn on his algae shell with their fingers. Maybe not, but too cool that he was so calm while we watched him eating.

We swam a bunch and then I gave up (I was starving - NO Breakfast, BEACH marathon, snorkeling), got out and laid on the beach towel and scarfed almost a whole tube of Ritz crackers!

Phillip stayed in and went way out past the swimming bouy. He saw a group of three turtles the size of the first one we saw and one HUGE turtle - the biggest one he's ever seen. He said when he first saw one of the flippers, out of the corner of his eye, it was so big that he thought is was a shark fin. Bummer, I missed it! Not his SHARK!!! - reaction, but the HUGE turtle.

Next, we went to lunch at Mango Dog. 

We had Maui Dogs - bun, dog, bbq sauce and cole slaw. They were yummy! AND ONLY $5.50 each!

This mom and her children had lunch with us. Keep in mind we are sitting at a table, on the sidewalk/patio, in a shopping center...Kauai is so laid back! I love it!

While in this shopping center, we went to Chevron/Cafe/Pizza Joint/Store and bought a Princeville Ranch Tri-Tip (see yesterday's post about the beef ranch). Our guide, Dave, told us this Chevron is where they sell their beef locally. It can be found at, in his words, "at Whole Paycheck, I mean, Whole Foods in California!"

Our rental car on the right - the car, not the mini-van - the kids aren't with us on this trip. Not a Jeep either. I left that at home!!!

This is the tri-tip. We'll be grilling it tomorrow. I couldn't bring myself to eat it today. See the price? I had to keep it around and cherish it and make it last at least 2 days!!!

Today, I spent a bit looking for that proverbial "perfect heart". Here are a few contenders.

Late afternoon, we had a pretty good rain storm. I am getting somewhat used to them.

They are really quite cool, because, unlike at home, they don't last long AND it's not freezing rain!!!

I think we need to stay here longer....say, a lifetime?

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