Friday, March 20, 2009

Aloha - Day 6 continued....

As promised, here are some of the photos from Day 6 - St. Patty's Day.

On this day, we drove West down the road to the END OF THE ROAD. (If you've ever seen the movie Tropic Thunder (Ben Stiller, Robert Downey, Jr., Nick Nolte AND Jack Black - Kay's buddy from Bubbas - see Aloha - Day 2) Phillip is watching the Director's Cut with Commentary right now, it was filmed on Kauai.

This is where the "caves" are. There are two wet caves - one right on the side of the road and one that your have to trek up to. Not a hike by any means, but a little pathway up a wet, rocky, rooty grade.

This sign says it all. Don't linger under the cliffs! Rocks can and will fall on you!
This cliff was SO high!
This is the payoff at the end of the path - at the base of the enormous wall of rock - the wet cave. There was a pool of water in there - it's just so dark, it doesn't photograph well.
DON'T LINGER UNDER THE CLIFFS!!! Here's some perspective!

These trees, to the left of the cave, were SO cool! They look like something we'd be asked to sculpt for a theme park or something.
This is what the side of the road looks like. Can you believe the foliage?
This is just a picture of a random horizontal tree branch. Looks like a giant centipede or some such crawly. Amazing how things grow in layer after layer here. Although, this is a close-up, it has not been enlarged to show detail. The branch is about 5-6" in diameter, so the detail was good.
This is a little pool and stream the road crosses. Pretty. I bet it would be fun to take a dip in....
Guess the locals don't feel the same way! (we DID NOT see a pig - OR smell one!) NICE!!!
Lot's of colorful flora on Kauai. This one caught my eye just for it's simplicity!

Chickens on Kauai even have their own emergency heliport!!! LOL!!!
This guy wins "BEST OF SHOW"! His photo will grace the wall in my kitchen, as a reminder of the Kauai chickens! (you'd think we'd visited Chicken-ville, Hawaii)
Here is the "DRY" cave.
This is just inside the cave. Water was dripping from the ceiling in various places. The deeper we walked into the cave, the drier it got.

These hieroglyphics (sp?) were on the back walls deep in the cave. Not sure if they were AUTHENTIC or not, but it was cool, no matter.
The cave was VERY, VERY dark way in the back, but the light shining in was UNREAL and the topography was surreal.
Just outside the cave, I saw this heart. Sweet!
There, look between the red and white car on the right, is Phillip looking up at something....WHAT COULD IT BE? WAY UP THERE???

How on earth did she get all the way UP there??? I've seen chickens fly over a fence, but really fly? NEVER.

The ocean at our cottage today was very pretty. The waves definately calmed down since the first day.

We decided we wanted to snorkel here.

"K" wore green snorkel gear in honor of St. Patty's Day.
She snorkelled her hiney off! She saw the turtles, the rainbow fish, the turquoise coral, AND she didn't even get stung by ANY jelly fish like she and her family did on her last snorkel trip in Mexico last year!
Phillip couldn't help taking this shot! It's always funny watching someone try to get out of the surf in fins. You have "sea legs" to boot. Standing up the first time feels really funny and you're really off balance. Plus, the sand is going places you don't want it to go!
BUT, she kept smiling the WHOLE TIME!

That concludes tonight's blog.

To be continued......

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