Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aloha - Day 7

I am so bummed!!!

Not just because it is our last night on the island but also because I can't log onto the Internet using my laptop. It won't pick up the wireless signal. Actually, it was sketchy last night as well, but I was so tired, I just let it go. So, now, I can't blog the last two days of adventures and photos. I don't think I can or know how to post photos from my phone. It gets clear 3G service, yet the wireless signal is no where to be found! Go figure. Just know, though, when I get home, it's SO on!!! I have a ton to share!!!

Tomorrow is our travel day - ugh! So, I can't blog til Saturday... Until then, thanks for sharing our much needed vacation with us. We had fun. Hope you did too!

Edit: I must be tired, we travel on Thursday, not Friday - guess it feels like the end of a week, so tomorrow MUST be Friday! Duh!!! I'll be able to blog on Friday, not Saturday!!!

See you on Friday.

Still can't log on using the stupid wireless. It makes no sense! Technology! Gotta love it!

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