Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, here it is 4 pm in Grants Pass and I'm sitting in my office at work, blogging away to all my friends.

I should be home packing and doing all the last minute things I worry I won't get done or will forget to do. I've lost my To-Do list 3 separate times today. Along with my mind, I think. I need a To-Do list on where to find my To-Do list.

Fortunately, I found it a final time and was able to cross off the last To-Do item.

A couple of last stops on my way home - the post office and the bank. It's amazing how important I feel when I'm leaving for a week and yet on a day-to-day basis I feel like I'm doing nothing of real importance. What a fool I am!!! I couldn't live without me!!! HA HA

Anyway, I have a slight headache from stressing out all day doing everything that I can't do tomorrow and the next and the next.....

With that said, TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!!! Tomorrow I WILL be on a long flight to the wonderful tropical paradise that is Hawaii. Kauai to be exact. Never been there. Been to Maui a few times, but North shore Kauai is supposed to be a different world. Tropical Jungle. I can't wait to snorkel, relax, veg-out, beach comb (but not bring anything home! I refuse to be cursed like the Brady Bunch!). We are even going to try the Zip Line Adventure through the trees over the canyons! OOOOH! YEAH!

Thought I'd share with you a few shots, of where we are staying, that I have been crooning over for the last 21 days! (the minimum I could book the air fare and get the best deal!)....

EVEN, if it's only 1/2 this AWESOME, I'll be in paradise! Let's just pray there are NO hurricanes OR earthquakes (this time!) The Maui earthquake is NOT something I want to repeat!!!. All your positive, happy thoughts will help, I'm sure!


The cottage.

The grounds and view.

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Kristin Michael said...

Ack! You know I'm so jealous, right? I'm sure you will have the BEST TIME ever! ~K

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