Monday, March 16, 2009

HEY, YOU!!!!!

A BIG HI, Hello and welcome to my blog, to my good friend, Tommy!!!!

That's him, over there on the right, in the pen pal section. Haven't seen him since -??? - forever! 1995 or 1996? At the Point Defiance Zoo - by happenstance. Lots of good memories......

Tommy is all too familiar with Hawaii too! I just found out he spent 5 weeks - say it - F.I.V.E - FIVE!!!! weeks. WEEKS PEOPLE! in Oahu recently. He works for Target stores and they opened two stores there. Phillip and I were just having the whole Target discussion yesterday with our Zip Lining guide, Rhonda. She's lived in Kauai since the 70's and she loves Costco. She says all the other big-box stores, except Costco, can go, but she would love Kauai to get a Target!

Tommy, are you listening??? A Target on Kauai - could get you another trip!!!! Maybe you could put Phillip and I in YOUR suitcase?!!!

Glad you're visiting me in blogland. You really need to visit us this summer!

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