Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gotta Love Technology, Right?

So, yesterday I posted about A.J.'s ever-changing hair styles.

Well, today, I'm posting about Technology. Remember when the tv had one big dial to turn-click, turn-click? And the meat had to be defrosted on the kitchen counter? And how about those phones that you had to use your pointer-finger to dial and wait for it to go back around to dial the next number? And the commercials were slower (and, well maybe a little bit lame). And moms wore dresses and the dads wore those groovy big collared button up shirts? And remember when Groovy was a word we actually used?

Well, times have certainly changed. Automobiles. Houses. Clothing. AND even HAIRSTYLES! AND FACES? Faces? Yes, technology has changed our faces. Now they stare blankly, for hours at a computer monitor. And when they aren't staring at a monitor, they are staring at a television. What gives? Remember when our moms used to say that if we didn't stop making "those" faces, our faces would be stuck looking like that?

Well, here's living proof that a cute little face can be changed by technology just as easily today as getting a hair cut changes your looks!!!

Introducing, once again, my dear, sweet, fun-loving, crazy child with a great sense of humor - A.J.

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