Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aloha - Day 7

Today, our last FULL day, we played at our beach. Phillip did a bit of snorkeling and "K" and I layed out in the sun. She definately tans better and faster than I do.

Also, Megan, if you are reading...Can you believe your mother?

"She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow, polka dot bikini. That she wore for the first time today. An itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow, polka dot bikini. She's getting tanner, wouldn't you say?"

After we played a bit, Phillip and I decided to go out for one last drive. "K" said she wanted to stick around and get in some more "rays".

She kept saying she wanted to be really, really tan when she got home. Our friend, Kristin, was really tan after her vacation to Maui in November. I would have liked to be that tan too, but I just don't tan that well or fast.

I think this is what she had in mind......?

As Phillip and I were on our way to Hanalei to stop for drinks. We were driving under this one area that has a canopy cover of trees, vines, etc... It was really cool!

In just an instant, Phillip says, "Hey, look at that!" There was a lizard on the hood! He just jumped out of the trees or was blown by the wind, and landed on us.

He rode on the hood all the way to the store.

Once we parked and Phillip went in to buy us a couple of sodas, I took these pictures.

We got back in the car and drove back down the road. Back under the canopy and guess what? The little guy jumped back off in almost the same place he jumped on. We laughed that he'd have a story to tell his family, "Guess what guys? I caught a ride to the store and back!" Okay, so you had to be there. We were cracking up!

With his Dr. Pepper and my locally brewed rootbeer, we went back to the lava cliffs to just sit and reflect on our vacation.

Some young guys, three of them, were planning a JUMP into the ocean from the rocks. Granted, the ocean wasn't nearly as rough, but the water was swelling and receding pretty fast and the waves were still slapping the rocks pretty hard. I held my breath, just like any mother of boys does. Then they jumped! The last one even did a flip in the air before landing. I was nervous for their moms.

They all made it in, onto the rock island AND back out of the water safely. There was a bit of a struggle and it was hard to watch at times, but they made it. I could breathe again. Oh, boys!

When we left the cottage, I packed up all the coral hearts we found and took them with us. I put them around the base of this tree where we were sitting.

While we were sitting there overlooking the ocean, Phillip spotted, way off in the distance, WHALES! Yes, for the first time ever, we saw WHALES! Not in captivity. Not at Sea World. I couldn't get photos though. They were out near the horizon, but we could see them breaching and then blowing out water. This was definately a highlight. Not just for us. A couple of tour helicopters circled around, lower than usual, but not too low. What a sight that was, I bet!

Then we went back and began getting into the frame of mind that it was getting time to go. BUMMER!


I've already shared about our Tsunami WARNING - GET OUT!!! adventure, but one last thing we thought was funny.

On the islands, guys (men/boys) refer to each other as BRUDDAH (brother). We even heard a radio ad for a gutter company - Two Bruddah's Guttah's. Funny. Anyway, on our way to the airport, right along the side of the road there was a corrections facility - must have been low-security lock-down - because it didn't look like a razor-wired prison, but you knew those guys weren't free. So we started singing "Bad Bruddah, Bad Bruddah, Whatcha Gonna Do, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You."

Again, guess you had to be there!!!!

All in all, our vacation was great. Yes, the weather could have been drier/warmer. Yes, the water could have been calmer and warmer. BUT, we had a lot of fun and relaxed a ton - well, except for the morning of our departure! No stress there, right?

We had fun with our little friend, "K". I've talked to her briefly since I've been back and she let me know she is making a scrapbook of her trip to Kauai. I hope she gets to get back to the island some day soon. - JIM, are you listening???? Ha Ha.

There's no time like the present to feel ALOHA!!!!!


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