Saturday, September 13, 2008

2nd hand treasures

As promised, here are a few more of my recent treasure-hunting finds.

It's amazing what tickles my fancy when I'm out there searching amongst the eclectic mix of junque.

First, this little guy just made me smile. Plus, everyone needs a pal

Next, is this cute little dress. Even though there are no girls in the house - except me, I bought this with the idea to embellish with a stamped phrase, buttons, ribbons, etc... It found its home on a 29 cent hanger I had collected previously. 29 whole pennies. Pennies don't buy much these days. I've heard that it costs more to produce a penny than their face value, but I always pick them up when I see them - BIG surprise, huh? LOL I guess they are like friends, the more you have the richer you are.

Last, for tonight, is this solid cast metal mailbox. I'm not exactly sure that it's NOT a reproduction, but I bought it for a song. I've seen the reproductions and they aren't cheap. I have this one hanging between two of the windows in my scrapbook/craft room - I won't show photos, as the room isn't completely done yet - and I might actually be moving to another part of the house - but in the meantime, it's in there. The Coronet Dominoes graphic is actually the lid of an old dominoes box. Of course they were 2nd hand too and since the box was in really bad shape, I tore off the lid and threw away the box. The dominoes now reside in a glass canning jar next to the other canning jars of various sized dominoes, scrabble tiles, watch parts, clothes pins, etc....

So for all you fellow collectors and crafters, get out there and hunt. I'd love to see what you find in your part of the country.

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