Friday, November 23, 2007

And they call him SANDY CLAWS.....

Gotta love the Disney Haunted Mansion this time of year. The mansion is great anytime, but this is my favorite season - the celebration of the Nightmare Before Christmas - complete with Jack and all his friends.

I love the theatrics, the music, the whole experience. I wish there was a Cirque de Soleil - type stage show of Nightmare. That would be a ticket worth buying - if done right, of course. I've seen a few Disney productions on stage and by far the best one, in my opinion, was Cinderella on ice. What a great production that was. The costumes, the music, the effects - it was wonderful. So enchanting. Now, Beauty and the Beast on ice - another favorite movie - was awful. It was set to the exact same soundtrack as the animated movie and Beauty was a Beast!
Then there was Lion King. Great beginning, great ending. A yawner in the middle.
DISCLAIMER: These comments are only my opinion. Please do not get mad at me for my way of thinking. If you do not agree, that is fine. I just know I like to be entertained and know what I like and if it puts me to sleep it must not be too entertaining to my brain!
Anyway, the Mansion was great. Pirates was great. Even the new Nemo submarine ride was cute. Much more entertaining to my brain than the original subs. Although, compared to the much shorter lines for Pirates or the Mansion, the enormous Nemo line wasn't worth the wait.

P.S. I think this is the only time I've gotten a "rebate" on going to Disneyland - This last photo is the $$$ I found whilst walking around the park. A whopping $ .49. Not too bad, huh? PLUS, the next morning I found a quarter in the parking lot outside the hotel!!!

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