Thursday, November 1, 2007

54 Days Until Christmas

So where did the time go? These photos are from Christmas 1998. Phillip had been in California working on the Tokyo Crystal Cavern project for 2 months prior. It was very hectic. The boys and I flew from Seattle to Burbank the week before Christmas so we could go to Disneyland and Medieval Times then drive home to Washington. We packed up the temporary apartment that Phillip was staying in, loaded up the '56 Chevy truck on the trailer we were towing and headed home. Approximately half-way home, Phillip says "Shit! I forgot all of the presents in the closet of the master bedroom!" He had hidden them so the boys wouldn't see them. So, I immediately got on the phone and called the apartment manager and told him the situation.

Once we were home, we dropped off the truck, took the boys to Grandmas house in Westport, and drove back down to Valencia so we could pick up the work trailer and the presents! Christmas was saved!!! We got home around midnight on Dec 23rd - after driving straight through from California and back out to the coast to pickup the kids. On Christmas Eve morning, we went to the local nursery to look for a Christmas tree. Luckily, there was one left - the counter display. The nice clerk even threw in the little wooden ornaments. We've always referred to it as the Charlie Brown tree. The kids have fond memories of it. Every Christmas they bring it up.

It seems that just yesterday it was New Years 2007. Now, here we are past Halloween and into the month of Thanksgiving. Time to start making the Christmas card list and thinking about the gifts we'll be giving. I've decided to celebrate this year with homemade gifts. (hopefully, I'll be able to pull it off in time) I've always loved homemade and 2nd hand presents. Much more thoughtful than the mass produced goodies from the mall - except of course the new flannel jammies and slippers, but a homemade set might be funner!???

Some of my favorites over the years have been the little clay snowman family - complete with real twig arms - that Ty made me when he was in elementary school. And the Nightmare Before Christmas watercolor painting that Kyle made for me two years ago. It actually made me cry! Crying on Christmas morning - I was so moved. Then there is the 2nd hand little dictionary and heart shaped ring box A.J. shopped for and bought for me with his own money. I love them boys! They are by far the greatest gift ever! Thanks Phillip! I don't know how I would have survived if we had had girls.

I like being the only girl in the castle.....

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