Saturday, November 24, 2007

Flat Cat

Flat, Cat Burglar, that is. When he first "broke" into our home, he was vibrant in color and full of stuffing. Now, he is just a dirty, flat, cat burglar. No wonder he has that look on his face! We've found him down the driveway, in the culvert, and in the yard. Muddy, cold and wet - sometimes just the rain, but most times, wet with slobber.

Today, he is taking a much needed rest on the floor in the dining room. Traveling always sounds like fun, but it's great to be home. (I know how you feel Mr. Burglar!)

Wonka-Doggish, has so many toys lying around this place. The black Kong toy, the chewed-to-smitherines yellow squeeky toy bone - well, it used to squeek. I don't think he ate it??? Wouldn't he squeek when he barks? Like in the cartoons? That would be funny to hear. As is, we joke about him learning to talk. The things he says. ARR-Arrr-arrr- r- rrr. Sounds a bit like whale-speak.

Then, there WAS the bright yellow WalMart smiley face volley ball. Frank, our contractor, got a really cute picture of Wonka holding it in his mouth - smiley face forward. Wonka was even in the newspaper ad for Frank's business venture - Pet Photography by Frank. Wonka had his 15 minutes of fame! Way to go boy!!!

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