Thursday, September 18, 2008

Third Times a Charm

If after three times something isn't right, you shouldn't do it again, RIGHT?

Well, today was the third time. Phillip and I won't be having lunch at our local Wendy's anymore.

You see, the first time, (well, not actually THE first time eating there) we placed our order and just as we sat down to eat, one of the employees who was out on a smoking break came in the front door and announced, "who has the grey Silverado truck in the parking lot? It's just been hit!" So, Phillip got up and went outside to check it out. Needless to say, by the time he came back in, his food was cold. Nothing worse than COLD fast food!

Anyway, an older guy, apparently was in drive-thru and changed his mind. As he was backing out, he crossed the entire width of the handicap parking spot and backed right into the side of our truck. He was kind enough, however, to offer to fix it "'cause I have some tools at home." Nice gesture, but no thanks. The damage was a little more than a "home garage" could handle.

Next time, we were sitting in the glassed-in dining room and there were hundreds of little birds, sparrows or chick-a-dees, flying around on the drive-thru side. Cute! Well, not so cute. Actually, it was quite a scene from the Hitchcock movie, The Birds. They were flitting around everywhere. Including right into the huge glass pane windows. Kamikaze birds!!! I won't even gross you out with the details, but just imagine, if you will, what a little bird does when it hits a solid pane of glass full speed ahead. Most of the customers sitting at the tables by the window actually had to move. A few even left, they were so grossed out!!! The employees just kept commenting how this happens every year. Um, maybe, they should put up some sort of blinds or even window clings so the poor little birds would know there was glass there!!! DUH!!!

So, that brings us to today. Lunch break. I ordered a DOUBLE STACK Cheeseburger, a side of mandarin oranges and a water. My double stack was more the size of a White Castle Slider. What happened? The bill was the same, but the food was a shrinky dink. My fork was bigger than the burger. Is there some sort of FDA conspiracy to get us Americans to lose weight? Maybe it's a good thing? Same fast food fix, but 1/3the calories. Ok, I'll rationalize it that way.

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KCAimee said...

Wendy's really has gone downhill in my opinion. Their burgers just aren't the same anymore.

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