Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

Well, it's actually almost Saturday, so Happy Friday Night!

Today was a busy day. Phillip taught me how to vacuum form on the 18" x 18" machine today. It's amazing what he knows! He even designed and built the machine several years ago! Like I said, amazing! I'm his biggest fan!!!

So after I learned how to form, which was a scary and exciting learning experience, he treated me to a Chocolate shake with lunch. What a guy! Then he dropped me off at the local AT&T store and I "traded" in our phones for I-phones. My friend, Kay, showed me her new phone the other day and Phillip has wanted one since February, but today was the big day. I think they are a bit frivolous, but it's growing on me.

A.J. is now the proud new hand-me-down owner of Phillips old phone. Boy was he surprised! He has always wanted a phone but I just let him borrow mine when he was at a friends house, down-town, or at an afterschool event.

We went and picked him up from the football game tonight and he saw my phone. His immediate response was "did I get a phone?" This is the response we've gotten alot lately. IE: birthday in July - after he got his presents "I thought I would get a phone" NOPE! tonights answer was "nope, not this time either". "but Mom, I doubt you'll let me borrow your new phone now". Enter here: quickly change the subject...."how was the game, etc..."

So, when we got home, I let Phillip surprise him with his new phone, complete with the INCREDIBLES ring tone. Then, the LAW was dropped upon him. "DO NOT EXCEED YOUR ASSIGNED MINUTES. NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS RULES. TEXT MESSAGING RULES. NO INTERNET ACCESS." Wow, nothing like a suprise with rules....Oh well. I NEVER had a cel phone when I was 15, NOR did I have TEXT messaging. Then again, I guess times were much different then. DUH! It was the 80's. Only the cops in Leathal Weapon had a cel phone - and it was the size of a shoebox and the battery was on wheels!!!

Funny how much things have changed in just 20 years. I wonder what will be the norm in 20 more. Maybe we'll be replaced by robots that think and feel. If that's the case, this will be Phillip and me. Can you see any resemblance?

Actually, these "robots" are mine. I bought the red one a couple of years ago when Robots the movie came out. The tin girl, I found at Salvation Army and she just made me smile. Her eyes are bright blue and open and close - just like the old baby dolls we used to play with. Last weekend, Phillip surprised me with this sweet pose on top of the TV in our room. I know all these sugary-sweet posts may make us seem like saps, but the truth is we are still like newlyweds only with the advantage of having almost 25 years under our belts to know what make each other smile and be happy!

** Note to my newly married friend, Megan - REMEMBER THE LOVE NOTES!!!

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