Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I missed it!!!!

Darn! I actually missed the first day of my favorite season - FALL!!! It was yesterday!

I woke up in a Fall, not foul, mood and had to close the dining room windows cause it was a bit chilly in the house. I even thought about starting the first fire, but we are still on Yellow fire alert around these parts. Good thing too, cause our whole valley has been full of smoke off-and-on most of the summer. It's been a really weird Summer. Just a few hot days, but mostly mild and overcast with smoke.

Anyways, yesterday morning, after vacuuming the floors, I decided it was time for the summer words to go. The scrabble tiles in my word-tin on my little table top by the fireplace now remind us of Fall. And, I did it yesterday, but I didn't know until today when I looked it up on Google, that yesterday was the official day!!!

Oh well....Happy 2nd Day of FALL!!!!!


KCAimee said...

Too cute! Is that a muffin tin?

patinamarie said...

yes, it's an old, mini muffin pan.

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