Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick! Sand!!!!

Have you ever wondered what it is about the sand at the beach that makes you want to be buried in it?

Seems every time we go to the beach, it's only natural to dig a hole and cover our feet in the sand up to our knees.

We took Wonka on his first trip to the Oregon coast. We took the top off my Jeep, removed the back seat and put* Wonka in. *you see Wonka has short legs and doesn't jump into the Jeep or the bed of our truck, like most dogs would - he has to be "put" in place! He was so good at riding along.

At first, I was worried he might freak and jump out, but instead he just sat there and laid his chin on the center arm rest between Phillip and I. Breathing and breathing hot, dog-breath-air on us, with an ocassional wet nose print and slobber. GROSS!!! So, we kept telling him to "get back" in his own space. Finally, he relaxed and enjoyed the ride - and his own space! Ok, truth be told, we relaxed and enjoyed that Wonka was in his own space...

Neither, Phillip or I are really what you would call DOG PEOPLE, but Wonka is an exception. He is the BEST dog there is, BUT there are still limits to the love - the slobber, the wet dog smell, the dog farts - only REAL DOG PEOPLE can tolerate THAT.

Anyway, back to the beach. Wonka is such a calm, laid back dog, that he even got in on burying his feet in the beach sand. Go figure. Wonka liked being buried up to his knees. NOTE: Even though Wonka was quite content being buried, soon after A.J. buried him, he dug him out! Wonka was NOT harmed in any way.

Kyle, Wonkas "real" master, buried his feet too, just at the wave line. There he was, pretty much a full grown man, playing in the sand. No big deal, right? That's what I thought until I watched two completely different woman stop within minutes of each other and ask him if he was alright. Hmmm? He wasn't showing any signs of distress. He wasn't verbally screeching. Yet, they felt compelled to show their concern. Quite the opposite of those hidden camera Dateline NBC shows they always air about people in the park in some sort of trouble or conflict. Hardly anyone ever stops to help.

Glad to know Kyle would have been saved from "quicksand" - if he had needed to be saved!!! Thank you anonymous Oregon beachcombers.

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KCAimee said...

I am a huge dog and beach person so I LOVED these pictures. So did my boys. How cool!

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