Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What the heck is a Patinamarie???

So yesterday I was asked by a dear friend what Patinamarie means? Well, in short, it's just a play on my name and my most favorite past time - treasure hunting and collecting objects that call out to me to take them home. A home, mind you, that is full of unopened boxes of "treasures" - so many even, that I when I was talking to Phillip the other day, I could remember that I have a stained glass kaleidoscope - like the ones we saw at First Friday Art Walk downtown - and some glass fairies - I think!??? I know I "collected" some kind of glass somethings that were cute and fun...I guess it'll be like Christmas when I finally open the boxes again...someday!

See there I went, off on a tangent. A bit of ADD? Maybe. Not formally diagnosed, but.....??? Off rambling about my treasures and I didn't explain Patinamarie. Well, my given name is Tina Marie and since I love all things with "patina" and a little character, it just seemed fitting - Patinamarie.

The little guy pictured here is a character that I stopped and looked at at the local Salvation Army (one of my favorite places to shop - better than a Mall any day!). I put him down and kept browsing. Then upon walking past him again to the register at the front of the store, I couldn't just leave him there. What kind of person would I be??? He has a tiny little chip in the back of one ear, but who doesn't like a little chip on your mouse with cheese? Even my youngest son, A.J., loved him when he saw him sitting in the hutch in our dining room. A boy after my own heart.

Best of all he was less than $1.00! And he still has his removable red plug underneath to add the Parmesan cheese. Spaghetti anyone????


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