Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chocolate Sedation

So this little ditty hangs on the wall at a very good friends home in Tahoe. It is so fitting for any chocoholic I know - that would be every woman I've met!

I had to take a picture so I would remember these words for my own sign.

I truly believe you can never have too much chocolate. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. There's my three wishes!!! Sometimes I wonder what a chocolate bath would be like. Not chocolate milk-y water, but creamy, thick and rich chocolate. A whole claw foot tub chock full. I imagine it would be warm and smooth. Ok, so much for day dreaming again.

Back to reality. I always grew up thinking bubble baths would be the best, but as I've grown up, I'm not really fond of the bubbles. I've tried all brands of bubbles. After much experimentation, I prefer salt baths. Hot water, salt baths. Ooooh, just the thought makes me crave one. Now all I need is a nice soaking tub - with a view of course. Someday soon the master bedroom/bath addition that I envision will be a reality.

Dreaming and planning all we want to do with the house is so much fun. I just wonder, what ever will I think about when it is all done???? Will I still read Better Homes and Gardens, New Old House, Country Living, Cottage Living, Country Home magazines?

Or, will the new magazine of choice be Conde Nast Travel, Budget Traveler, etc...
because everytime we travel, my mind goes on overdrive and I can't wait to get back home to try some comfy decorating or gardening technique. I love my home. I love my family. I love my life!

Husband, Family, Home, Chocolate. Life is Sweet!

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