Saturday, October 13, 2007

I love Saturdays!

I have to say, Saturday is my favorite day of the week. No school. No work the next day. I just love Saturday.

Today, I made a huge pot of chili, removed all the cabinet doors in the kitchen, laid on the floor in my "someday it'll be finished" craft room and played with Dude with a string. Funny how much a kitten loves a piece of string. Much like the boys loved playing in the boxes at Christmas time more than their toys. Boxes and string - how simple.

Finally programmed our new house phones - everyone still has house phones right? - with the numbers of frequently called and received #'s. Should be a nice addition to caller ID with those
"wireless caller" and 1-800 #'s. We got your number now!!! I hates telemarketers! Especially those who call my cel phone and business #'s now. How dare they.

Got a nice little surprise today - Kyle's senior portraits. What a photogenic guy! I can't believe it. The photos captured his personality so much. Can't wait to get some photos of the two other boys and even some family shots. Maybe then I'd have some professional shots to scrapbook with. Way too cool!!! Thanks Kristin. Grants Pass, Oregon.

Oh, and a congrats goes out to my mom. She just entered escrow on her soon-to-be-hers house in California.

PS To my own P.S. - Thanks for visiting. I love you more and more each day. Thank you for all you do for me, being by my side - even when I'm cranky or too emotional for my own good, for always thinking of me and the kind little gifts you always bring me. You are so thoughtful. And yes, I'm always impressed!!!

Good day!

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