Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can you imagine?

So, as I was rinsing out the bird bowls this morning, this little face appeared in the bottom of the sink. They are Hooligans fruity bird pellets all soggy from his water bowl. For some strange reason he has always "dunked" his food in his water bowl. Funny how three of the soggy, wet, bloated pellets formed a cute little smiley face. I can't stand cleaning the water bowls, but at least this cheered me up and made me smile! Maybe cleaning the bowls isn't so bad after all...NOT!!!

On the flip side, the other photo is of a piece of honeycomb-like cereal that A.J. found in his bowl several months ago. I don't know why we felt compelled to save this little piece of cereal all these months, but we did and I couldn't help but share the picture of it too. Believe it or not, it IS a conversation piece that sits on a shelf in the breakfast room.

I guess if you look closely enough, you can see emotion even in inanimate objects. You just have to use your imagination. Kind of like being a kid - laying in the grass on your back looking up at the clouds and seeing all sorts of imaginary things.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein
10/31/2007 PS - if you look closely enough, the little soggy yellow pellet has a face too! It looks like a sad face on a crescent moon.....I didn't notice before. Am I crazy or just plain bored???

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