Monday, October 22, 2007

Tea Anyone?

So, I can tell it's October at our house. The leaves are turning all sorts of beautiful colors - red, yellow, orange AND I'm finding all sorts of creatures out and about. Like this guy.

Actually, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so Phillip surprised me with this guy last Saturday. He seems to fit nicely on my Black and White hutch display. Although he may seem a bit creepy, he is very lovable and just wants to share a teeny, tiny cup of tea or hot chocolate????

I found the "Made in Germay" tea cup with the saucer (on the left) at my favorite local Salvation Army for pennies on the dollar. There was only one. Then, as fate would have it, the very next day, after dropping A.J. off at school, I saw the sign - BARN SALE. I had never been to a barn sale, so of course I was curious. Good thing, cause I found a mate for my little german cup. It has no markings but it was a perfect little companion cup. I wonder how many hot chocolates I could drink at this size and not feel guilty.

Here's to Fall. Cheers little creepy fellow!

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