Monday, October 8, 2007

This is first blog.

Today is Monday October 8. I'm sitting in the leather recliner (that my dear husband convinced me was a good idea to buy last year - and he was right -I sit in it everyday) with my laptop - the adorable kitty, Dude. He is sleeping soundly at the moment on the wonderful hand crocheted blanket my friend in WA state, Sue McC...made for me years ago. (Thanks Sue!) He has become somewhat of a "butt-nugget" the last few days. He refuses to allow me to be in a room without him. Close the bedroom door, and he yowls for attention. Go to shower in the morning and his little paws appear under the door. Try to paint the kitchen cabinets or cook dinner and guess who's present - sleeping in the middle of the floor. Guess he appreciates his stay of execution from a couple of weeks ago.

Since I adopted him for free from Craig's List back in June from a couple who found him at about 3 weeks old in their barn up in Roseburg - over an hour's drive up the road from Grants Pass - he's peed on our new king size bed, he's peed on the new-ish queen sized futon downstairs - three times - and he clawed all eight seats of our new-ish - less than one year old - leather dining room chairs. Needless to say, I was at wits end with this cute little fuzzball creating so much damage to everything we've worked so hard to get. The boys are finally grown up enough to curb their damaging ways and I just wanted a little furry buddy to spend some time with. Who knew a 5 month old furry kitten could cause more damage than three kids?

So, after his neutering and front de-clawing on Friday, at the suggestion of family, friends, and the vets office, hopefully, he will appreciate the loving home we are providing him and we will be able to fully appreciate his presence without the undesirable behavoir - because everyone in the family really likes him.

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