Friday, October 26, 2007

Someone's in the kitchen with

Someone's in the kitchen, I know.oh.oh...oh....Someone's in the kitchen with Tina, but there's NO BANJO!!!! Can you believe these two. Wonka-doggish and Lil' Dude just laying in the walkway - the ONLY walkway into the kitchen whilst Phillip and I make dinner. Neither one of them have ever had a table scrap handout, (that we know of!), yet here they both are, just in case we change our minds???!!!

Too dang cute. I was only hoping to grab the camera quick enough to not disturb them. Of course, one shot, then it was like Dude was looking at Wonka as to say, "Did she really just take our picture? Oh, there she goes again! What's with her anyway?"

I have to admit, I am really a cat person, but after we got Wonka a little over three years ago, I actually like dogs - well, I like Wonka anyway. I'm still not much of a "dog" person, but he can stay!!! He is really part of the family - just like "dog" people always say about their dog(s). I don't dare ever get another one though, cause no other one could have a place in my heart like this one has. He doesn't beg. He opens and closes the front door all by himself. He sits patiently for his food and then he doesn't gobble it up like it's his last meal. He sits perfectly still for the vet to draw blood and/or get his shots. He just the perfect dog that I never thought existed!!!

Way to go Wonka!!! Then there's Dude! We'll since the futon has been exhiled from the house, he hasn't had any more pee-pee "on-purposes". Thank goodness!!!

Gotta go. Dad's home with Pizza. (The kitchen is in shambles. No cabinet doors. Contents all over the counters. Well, how else would I prime and paint the insides? Huh? Tell me, Huh?) It's the make-shift re-muddle until I can afford the demolition and re-build!

Off to enjoy pizza with paint fumes!!! See ya!

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