Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swim. Play. Rest.


Summer is almost upon us. School is almost out. The weather is getting hotter.

Time to Swim. Play. Rest.

Even though I'm NOT a morning person, I DO enjoy the calmness of the early a.m. (when I get up that early!). The fresh smell. The quiet. It really IS the best time of the day. Really!

I keep trying to convince myself of this fact, but the pillow somehow wins out every morning.

I try make up for it later in the day. Mid-day mostly. The time when I'm most active.

Then, sometimes I stay up too late. Can't sleep 'cause my mind is racing in a million different directions. House. Yard. Projects. Scrapbooking. Projects. Food. Projects.

Usually around 7 pm or so, I get ansy. I feel the need to get up and start/continue on a project - lord knows, we have a ton! Yet, for some reason, there I sit, in my chair. Blogging. Reading. Watching T.V. - Dreaming and Planning. Making Lists.

This is something I really need to work on. I feel like I'm not getting enough done, yet outsiders are always asking me, "how to you get SO much done?" Maybe I'm too hard on myself, but my to-do lists are enormous!!!

I guess, like a diet, I just need to focus and make better use of my time? Go back to the lists and start crossing things off - like SWIM. PLAY. REST.

Yeah. Summer is almost here!!!

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