Tuesday, June 2, 2009


NOT TODAY!!! Today we were on a flash flood storm watch.

This afternoon, downtown, at our studio, the clouds rolled in. The sky became a deep, dark gray in some areas and sported huge, white, puffy thunderheads in others.

Phillip and I stood outside the building admiring all the sky had to offer. What a skyscape. We went indoors. Then....

Wham! Boom! Crack!!! The sky opened up and buckets of water began dumping. HUGE raindrops. The biggest ones I've seen in Grants Pass. The gutters on the neighboring buildings were overflowing - from the horizontal edges! The drops came faster than ever. The parking lot flooded. The street drains were bubbling up with water. WOW!

Then the sky decided to speak in its loudest voice. Thundering roars. Lightning lighting up the darkness. SO COOL! I love those sounds!!!! Especially on these warm pre-summer days.

I braved the down pour to run out to my Jeep and get my little camera. I just had to take photos of all this fun. It took no time at all for my jeans, t-shirt, hair, and flip flopped feet to be soaked to the bone.

There we all were, the five of us, standing in the doorway, oooohing and aaaahing. Rambling on about "I've never seen rain like this before", "remember that storm when...", "look at that", "that's alot of water", "look at the size of those drops" ALL the while with the radio buzzing over the airwaves "beep. beep. beep. Flash Flood WARNING in all of Josephine, Jackson and blah, blah, blah, counties...".

True, in Southern Oregon, we get our fair share of rain, but when this type falls and we have the thunder and lightning storms, it certainly gets everyones heart racing. Let's you know that Mother Nature is truly the boss!!!

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