Saturday, June 13, 2009

An Affinity for Furniture...

Especially for chairs. Tables. And even a desk or two.

There was a time, when I just couldn't stop bringing home chairs and tables. It's amazing just how many sizes, shapes, styles & colors there are out in the world.

It got to the point where I just had to whittle it down to a few of my faves. I had to donate, abandon or give away, just so new ones could call my home - home.

Yes, they still call to me. Yes, I still drag home a stray or two. Yes, there are some I will NEVER let go of.

These three are an example of ones that just HAD to come home with me and I will never get rid of. They remind me of my three boys.

On a Saturday trip to the local hardware store, across the road, was an individual having a little "parking lot" sale.

"Honey, you go ahead and go to the hardware store. Drop me off here and I'll meet back up with you!" I could hardly contain my excitement when I spied these little guys from the car. I couldn't run across the three lanes of traffic fast enough! Surely, they were already sold. It was late in the day, afterall. BUT, there was always HOPE!

Much to my relief they were still for sale. And - this is the best part! $9.00 for the lot!!!! Go ahead. Do the math. That's $3.00 EACH! OMG. I got change from my $10 bill.

I schlepped them back across the road, full of pride! Boy, did I score big!!!

They have since taken up residence in various parts of the house. Right now they live in the family room next to the $30.00 Ebay camel back trunk! Another great score back in 2002! It's amazing what you can find from time to time. This huge trunk was listed as a "pirate chest". Not steamer trunk. Not camel back trunk. But due to the "obscure" category listing, there were NO other bidders AND the seller was local so I could pick it up. Lesson learned: ALWAYS use a variety of key words when searching on Ebay. You never know what you might find!!!

This next grouping includes a desk I found at a second hand store. It was ugly as sin, but the maker's plate said it is a Leopold desk. All the drawers are dove-tailed, solid wood. It has a working typewriter shelf and a pull-out writing board. The locking drawer mechanism still works great too. After a good sanding, staining, and clear coat, it just came to life. The wood grain is gorgeous in person. I took a new map, stained it using instant cofee grounds, scrunched it up, tore it up and then covered it with a piece of glass cut to fit.

Next, I searched for the "just-right" chair. I found many at antique stores, but they were always too pricey for my budget. Patience is truly a virtue. I found this really cool one for less than $20! It still works like a charm. All the casters work. The swivel works. The bouncy-recliner mechanism works. The price WORKS! I left it "as-is". I like the way the lighter, patina'd wood looks with the dark and light wood of the desk.

Lastly, is this buffet. When I found it in 1987- in a back room of my mom's 5 or 6 houses ago, it was painted a very ugly avocado green. I liked the lines of the piece, I could tell it had dove-tailed drawers. Not knowing what was underneath, I took it home and stripped it down. First, the green paint. Then, the next layer of barn red paint. Man, how many ugly, thick layers of paint can one piece have?

But soon, the lines of the piece became much more defined. The hardware was so detailed and intact. After one last coat of paint stripped, the insets of the doors revealed themselves. What a surprise! The most beautiful patterned wood - ever! I meticulously picked and scraped every little curve and detail. Scrubbed it with stripper and steel wool. Washed it up good and Phillip clear coated it with a matte finish top coat. I didn't even have to restain it. What a diamond in the rough!!!

I'll take treasure hunting over shopping at the mall or a big box store any 'ol time!

Happy Hunting....


Joanne Kennedy said...

WOW! Another thing we like! I love chairs too. I bring them home and mostly they end up in the garage or storage but I still love an old wooden chair.

That desk was a great find! Did your mom want her pretty buffet back when she saw it all finished up nice like you have it?


alex said...

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