Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ditchin' Work & Buggy'n on Friday.

Last weekend was the annual Medford Cruise for Father's Day. It is held every year over in Medford at the Hawthorne Park. It starts on Friday with a Poker Run, Friday night movie in the park, Saturday car show, another movie in the park, and a Sunday car show.

We have been going since we moved to Grants Pass. We've even had our car in the show a couple of times. AND we ALWAYS have lunch at Red Robin. The Whiskey River BBQ burger with endless fries! Except, truthfully, this year I had a Whiskey River Chicken Roll-Up 'cause it comes with two slices of cantaloupe - and I like that at the end of a spicy meal!

Anyway, this year, Phillip and I ditched work and went on the Poker Run - in the buggy!

Sure, the buggy is older and not a fully restored hot rod, like most of the cars and trucks on the cruise, but I bet we had way MORE FUN!!! Zippin' around in the open air. Not worrying about the bugs hitting the windshield or worse - rocks! Or door dings. Or getting the ride dirty before the show.

Trust me, it's always a pain right before a show. Detailing every little crevice, then driving it on the road and having to do touch-ups before showing. Next time you go to a car show, just look for the crevices full of wax. That's not because the owner is lazy, it's because he or she's tired because he or she JUST detailed it a half hour ago!

Back to the Poker Run. We left the house while it was still a bit chilly out. I was wearing my Lucy dress (black sleeveless house-dress with white polka dots) and open toe sandals - the forecast said it would be sunny and warm - and it did become a beautiful day - sunburned shoulders/face and all. Phillip came prepared. He loaded up the little cooler, bungee corded it in the back, brought sunscreen and a jacket!

So on the way, on the back roads through Rogue River, on our way to Medford we swore the sky was going to open up and rain on us - but it never did. I did, however, put on his jacket for a while. I took this picture as we were leaving our house. The sky was so bright and the clouds were so striking. I didn't alter this photo at all, but I think it almost looks fake!

We get to Home Town Buffet just in the nick of time. Buy two $5 cards. Get the directions sheet. And then go to Carl's Jr. aka: on the East Coast as Hardees, have a quick bite to eat and then re-trace our drive back to Grants Pass to go to the first stop - The We-Ask-U-Inn. There were a total of five Bed and Breakfast stops on the Run. Kuddos to the organizers for this brain child! Usually the Poker Runs are around town stopping at the hamburger joints or pop-up tents in a parking lot.

As I was signing us up, Phillip parked the buggy next to another couple in their coupe. The woman commented to Phillip how she loved buggies and how much fun they are. We toured most of the B & B's with them - and only them 'cause everyone else raced through the places in a huge mob. We took our time and enjoyed the scenery and the tours.

From the road, this inn is pretty non-descript. There is the sign, of course. AND the legends that Walt Disney escaped So. California via the train to stay here on the Rogue River.

There are pictures of Clark Gable and Carol Lombard around the property, but none of Walt. When Phillip asked them about it, they said the previous owners pretty much took all the "good stuff" with them.

This is
a model in the lobby.

This place is a ton nicer than you'd expect from the road. Here are some shots from the lobby.

The sign above the check in counter.

The lobby fireplace.

Solid staircase leading to the rooms upstairs - where Walt stayed.

Some books to read. Check out some of the titles. Fitting, I'd say.

A coat rack, umm, skate rack.

Indoor dining.

The outdoor patio.

The lobby library.

The views around the property.

Cabin #42. Nice and cozy. It sits on a canal with a walking path. The Rogue River is beyond the trees in the background.

So there it is. The first stop.

And here is their link. Come on up. Stay a while! And be sure to ask them for an upgrade to a bigger, better room - if one's vacant, they'll upgrade for the same price!!!

See you tomorrow for the next stop.......You won't be disappointed!

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