Friday, June 12, 2009

A Lust for Rust.

I don't know what it is about rust, but I like it!

I like the color, the texture, and the flavor - no, silly, not that kind of flavor. Flavor - as in "style of".

Here is a little bit of rust flavor. Just look at that texture and color. You can't even replicate that!

Rust! I love collecting little rusty things. There will certainly be a bit of rust in my "upside down" offerings - which are coming along, at a slow, but sure pace.

I have secured MORE, MORE, MORE the last few days and will be off on a QUEST FOR MORE this weekend. PLUS, I have an appointment on Monday to pickup a few funky, rust-laden items ready to be re-thunk. I can't wait to show you, but I don't want to share pre-maturely!!! That would just be teasing.

Well, okay, maybe one little thing....

O.K. So, this old, oil can was SO oily and dirty that RUST didn't even stand a chance, but it has good bones. It'll get a good de-greasing scrub and blasting. I'll be starting with a clean slate of raw steel. Now, I just need to decide whether this will look better sporting a bright, primary color - like red or left to rust! Can't you just see it full of flowers?

Whatcha think?

Here are a few of my previous finds.

A rusty lamp base.

Enormous, rusty chain.

A not-so-bright-and-shiny sports car!

What do you lust for?

1 comment:

Joanne Kennedy said...

I think there is something so pretty about items that rusted too. I think it is because they look so old that you can day dream a great story. Oh if items could only talk.


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