Thursday, September 3, 2009

Puppy did a BAD, BAD, THING......

Yes. Yes, he did. AGAIN!!!

Since we moved our bedroom downstairs, I don't hear him cry in the night when he has to GO! AND so.

He had to go. In the only room he isn't allowed in. The family room. Right in through the doorway. Where there's carpet!!!

I've always been SO proud that he doesn't chew up everything - carpet, furniture, shoes....SO proud that he doesn't dig up everything - spring bulbs, flowers, shrubs...SO proud that he doesn't wolf down his food like a Starvin' Marvin....SO proud he sits patiently for shots at the Vet...SO proud he doesn't steal food from your hand or plate...SO proud he was house broken so easily....SO proud he is a SMART DOG!

Now, I really feel bad. He IS housebroken, but lately he's had a couple of accidents. He made the effort to GO OUTSIDE - only OUTSIDE to him is INSIDE the family room!!!! He didn't dare go in any of the places in the house that is HIS domain.

Oh well. We still love you, WONKA. We just don't like these surprises.....good thing I bought a new steam cleaner for those two or three rooms in the house that have carpet!!!!

On another front - I know I haven't posted much lately. Just been really sidetracked with a whole lot of other fires to put out.

Stone treads for the stairs were delivered, and then promptly refused for being WRONG!!! Now we are waiting ....AGAIN....!

School starting. Filing taxes - yes, on extension. Cleaning out our laundry room. Busy, busy, busy. Plus, I've been doing a ton of daydreaming and treasure hunting. AND I haven't touched my camera in weeks. Just took a break from blogging, I guess.

I'll try and do better, but it doesn't look like I've had much "traffic" lately anyway. Everyone else must be sidetracked and busy too!!!

Hopefully, FALL will bring some comfort from the FAST Summer...and comfort foods and decorating and some fun posts.

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