Monday, September 21, 2009

Cutest Little Witch .... Emily.

All spiffed up for Halloween.

So, the general concensus from my house-of-men, is that she is "creepy"!

O.K. I'll admit that it is a little weird putting a dirty, life-size doll, with falling-off legs in the dining room and then leaving for the weekend for all to discover (see Friday's post below).

All the men are in Medford at a Rock concert tonight, so I decided tonight would be a good night to "play" dress up. NO, not me, silly. Emily. So, after a bath and a good shampooing, she is clean and brighter eyed and ready for her make-over!

I spent Saturday and Sunday up in Eugene and Springfield searching each and every store - Salvation Armys, Goodwills, St. Vincent De Pauls, and other various flea market and second-hand stores - looking for accessories for Emily. I was on a mission - my travel companions will attest..."this for Emily" "that for Emily". But seriously, I DID find just the right stuff for her for Halloween. All for under $10 AND ALL second-hand sources!!!!

Black and Purple Velvet Hat $.75. Black Paper-Wrapped-Wire Spider Web for her hat $.35. Black Velvet and Black Chiffon Dress $2.99. Orange and Black Striped Tights $.95. Plastic Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin $.75. Black Flocked Cat with Purple Neck Ribbon $1.75. Long Strand of Pearls $.75. Emily  $5.00 PRICELESS!!!

So there you have it. A completely new Little Miss Emily in Full Little Witch Regalia for just over $13.00!

I think there will be no denying that even though Witches and Halloween are supposed to be CREEPY, she is very, very cute (cuter, in fact) in her little witch costume than she was in her dirty little sundress. I think she is happier too! She won't stop smiling......

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Andy Porter said...

I love that you searched all over for great deals for your priceless Emily:) She must be happy. I totally know what cork you are talking about..ha ha ha...
Thanks for linking!! I love your Halloween sign too!
~Andy @ P@P

Maman Tattoo said...

this witch is so lovely!!

and you are right about the other people :) But I don't care much. I was labelled "weirdo" way before HP! aahah

Sue said...

It is so much fun when you complete a mission. Great job, I know Witch Regalia will be a "big hit" during Halloween. You are a very creative person.


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