Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last Saturday - Road Trip with Friends.

I can't believe another week just flew by.

Last Saturday, a couple friends and I, went up to Eugene/Springfield. We had a ton of fun!!!

Instead of just driving the two hours straight up the freeway, we went off the beaten path and stopped, stopped, and stopped again. To get snacks, drinks, take potty breaks and to treasure hunt.

Shady Oaks Plants and Produce. It's an old fashioned country store with plants, produce (see the sign) and gifts. These chairs were just made for sitting, sipping lemonade and chatting the day away with friends.

A walk through the store to the backyard, proved to be quite the little surprise garden.

This little house was darling. Can't you just picture yourself hosting a little tea party here.

This other little house was cute too! I guess you can never have too many little houses. Check out the six-room bird house. And I love the little picket fence. I bet this little place is fun at night with the string of lights on. There was also a shoe house. The one like in the Mother Goose Rhyme - The Little Ol' Woman Who Lived In A Shoe. The picture I took turned out too blurry, so you'll have to go visit and see it for yourself!!! LOL

This little flower display is made with a whole load of shutters. How inventive, don'tcha think?

This cheery little chair is fun. I think I might have a spare chair or two around here. How 'bout you?

Hay. Farmhand Feed and Home Co. This store in Cottage Grove had a TON of  Eye Candy! In a feed store. I could've spent hours in here!!! I tried to find a link, but I couldn't find one, so this will have to do:
Location: 106 S. Sixth St, Cottage Grove Oregon 97424 Telephone 541-767-2830

They had a whole Halloween section. Right up my alley!!! Check out these adorable felt stars.

And this feathered owl. Well, I guess, technically, all owls are feathered, huh?

They had the most unique witch hat I've ever seen! It was made of black velvet, sequins and feathers. Feathers so black, they were almost blue. It was huge!!! The clerk, maybe the owner?, said the hats are  made locally by a group of handicapped persons. I wanted it so badly, and even though a purchase would have been a good thing to do, it was out of my price range right now. Over $100!

Ok. So, maybe it looked better on the shelf...It really was HUGE!

I really liked this candlelight chandelier. Now, I'm in search of a big metal ring to hang all my vintage silverware from. Not sure where I'd hang it,'s fun.

This is really blurry, I know. I can't seem to take a clear digital picture...not that I'm shaky or anything, I'm just impatient and move before the camera captures the image. Phillip tells me this every time I complain about my blurry photos. Patience.....! Anywho, this rusty steel carousel is way cool!

Next up, we went to Ruthie B's. Again, no link.
346 Main St
Springfield, OR 97477-5362
 (541) 988-4791
 This was such a treat. Lunch amongst treasure!!! What more could you ask for? They serve lunch at vintage tables in areas cordoned off throughout the store, on mis-matched dishes, with mis-matched silverware. Bread in cast iron pans. Little fruit in glass cups. They even begin your sit-down by blowing bubbles over your party. Too much.Oh, and there is LIVE piano playing. How special is that?

Iced water with lemon - in jelly jars.
Here we were. Lunch was delish! Shop without even leaving your seat. Great concept!

 Even the potty was...well, let's just say. Shop while you...???

They had their open house on Friday. We missed it, but we visited on Saturday.
Cute vintage house full of fun treasures. I bought a couple things. My fave was, of course, an old #13 wooden handled stamp. Gotta love the #13 for Halloween decor.


I love this saying. 

So, there you have it. Last Saturday. A Road Trip With Friends.

We also visited almost EVERY Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent DePaul's and others along the way. A two hour drive in six hours. And that was only Saturday!!! Sunday was a whole other adventure. Antique stores, more 2nd hand shops, TJ Maxx, Trader Joes, Piccadilly Flea Market, PF Changs Happy Hour for lunch. A table for three + left-overs AND dessert for $25. YUM!

Lots of treasure. Lots of food. Lots of chatting. Lots of laughs. Lots of miles. Lots of fun!!!

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