Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet Emily.

Today, I had lunch with some friends. Right now our little town is full of Cycle Oregon bicyclists, so the streets are bursting with (I've heard it told) about 2200 visitors!

In anticipation of parking drought, I parked my little Jeep near the restaurant early and just HAD to waste time until our Noon lunch date.

Hmmmm....Where should I go to pass some time? Oh, Gee, I know. How about Home For Good thrift store, just around the block???

It was a gorgeous, sunny day out, so why not. The air is fresh. The sky is blue. A walk would be nice.

So in I walk. Looking first at the games shelf. Nope, NO wooden bingo numbers. Sure, I keep finding the plastic ones, but NEVER those wooden ones.

Onto the crafty section. Yep, same stuff they had last time.

Ok. Dishes section. Some cute things. Nothing I need or want - TAKE NOTE!!! It's a FIRST!!! Not Really - wink!!!

Onto the children's toy section. Hey, there's a cute little wooden bat for $.55! Needs to be repainted and all, but I'll have to tell Janice about it. (she's been looking for one to go with the little baseball mitt for her one-year-old grandson - photo shoots and all!) I'm always on the look out for Janice's famous grandchildren photo shoots! Hey, that may sound like an excuse to shop, but really, I've found some stuff....Huh, Janice???

Then into the Halloween Room....Cute plastic pumpkins....The standard candle holders. The Dollar Store fare marked at $.75....Hey, wait a minute. What's that in the box? I see a head. Are you kidding me? (insert heart racing here) Could it be what I think/hope it is? YESSSSSS!!! It's a BIG DOLL with HUGE, blink-y blue eyes!!! Beautiful Eyes. In REALLY good condition!!!

OK. So, her legs are missing. NO, wait. Her legs are just, well, let's say "disconnected". Her private area (the crotch), needs to be...well, put back together so her legs sockets will again hold her legs. Right now, the seam is split and it looks like, well, lets just say she has a whole mass of wire down there. It looks like someone tried to repair her once upon a time with a bunch of wiring...Weird!

Anyway. She needs a good bath, some minor plastic surgery and some new clothes. So now I'm on the lookout for the makings of a cute, little witches costume. Complete with hat, broom and a arched-back black cat for Halloween.

My lunch buddies, yes, they may think I'm crazy for falling for a big "dismembered doll-in-the-box", but as we were walking back to our cars, and I was carrying a box with a life-size person hanging out of it on the streets of Grants Pass - the cyclists must have thought I was crazy too - suggested all the other holidays she could be dressed up for other than Halloween. An Elf at Christmas, complete with curl-toed shoes. With Easter Bunny ears and basket at Easter. Darling parade-goer for 4th of July with her little American Flag. Oh, the possibilities.

I bought her a couple darling beaded, pearl necklaces. One is a woven pearl choker and the other is just a huge length of pearls. ALL fake, of course! She'll love wearing the pearls for other special occasions, I'm sure.

So, I've named her Emily.

Tonight, she sits, with her legs tucked under her dress, in the dining room, in the ladder back chair. I hope she doesn't scare the boys when they get home - at night - in the dark!!! I can picture it now. They bump her in the dark. Her legs fall to the floor. They freak out! I'm telling you, she's the size of a pre-schooler!!! hee hee hee. Maybe, I'll laugh my legs off! They're always scaring me. Paybacks a, well, let's just say it rhymes with WITCH!!!

Here's to Emily! You go girl!!!!

I'll see you next week. I'm spending the weekend "treasure-hunting" out-of-town. Can't wait to see what's out there.........Don't worry. I'll share!

Have a great weekend! Ta Ta

***Edited:  So, the funniest thing happened....Wonka came into the Dining Room, sniffed one of Emily's feet and started BARKING at her!!! Too Stinking Funny!!!! I'm telling you, she's SO life-like! I love her!

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