Friday, September 11, 2009

What's In Your Attic???

Well, I'm not sure everyone has an attic full of treasure, but I love going to yard sales finding me some treasure that may have once been in an attic. Pirate girl? Maybe. Ever found me some REAL gold? Only once. And Ty found some silver for $.10 when he was just a wee one. A real steal! I still have that heavy beast of a necklace too. Put away for him for safe keeping. I guess, now that he's almost 22, maybe I should give it back to him...hee hee. are a couple of items I found recently that may or may not be worth anything, but I liked them, they were inexpensive, and so. Well, what's an ATTIC, I mean an ADDICT to do?

This cute little bowl is adorable. The raspberry color matches so nicely with my craft room accent wall. Not sure what I'll put in it, because I like the pattern and don't want to cover it up!

Next up, is a little souvenir plate from Disneyland. The ribbon threaded through the filigree is old, faded and worn out, but the castle artwork is still in really nice condition. AND check out the mark on the back. Disneyland, yes. BUT, look at the price tag. When was the last time you could buy a souvenir at Disneyland for a BUCK! Oh, and tax....$.04! Wow! What's the sales tax in California now? NOT 4%!

This find...well, let me premise this by saying, a few weekends ago, my friend, Janice, and I went shopping at a local scrapbook store going out of business. As I was perusing the stamp aisle I spotted a few date stamps. After much consideration - price and I couldn't just buy one - I wanted them all for mixed media art projects - I decided NOT to buy any of them. Wow! Did I just admit that out loud? "I want them all or I'll have NONE!"

Well, anyway, I bought other stuff instead! So, onto last weekend....I stopped at a business-type yard sale and came across this box marked $5.00 - more my speed! and in it were several date stamps! WHOO HOO!!!! $5.00!!!! So, I put them in the back of my trusty Jeep (for a tiny little thing, it's amazing how much treasure I can squeeze into it - well, actually the back seat has been removed for some time now, but, Thanks, little Jeep!) I've driven around pretty much all week with this box bouncing around behind my seat.

Today, I looked at the stamps a little closer and found MORE than just date stamps. Date stamps that date back to the 1970's and some from the 80's. BUT, the treasure in the box is the stamp that has all the wonderful mixed media art words on it. Air Parcel Post - Via Air Mail - Printed Matter - Hand Stamp Only - Parcel Post - Do Not Bend AND a handful of others. WOWSER! This is the real deal. A VINTAGE stamper. All inky. Rich with Patina - OH and you know how I love that! MUCH better than some silly 'ol remake sitting in a store - for 3 Times the amount!!!

Now all I need to find, is one of those vintage stamp holders that sit on the desk and goes round and round!

I love treasures!!!!

Happy Friday!

Oh yeah...I almost forgot what I was posting about today....DUH! I'm 41 folks, give me a break!!!!

What's In YOUR Attic?

Well, my 1976 attic had a box tucked way back against a wall. We sent A.J. up there - he's always up for a manly adventure! - climbing up the ladder and crawling in creepy spaces. Did I ever mention that when his room (now Phillip's office) was being built, he would go through the access panel in the closet floor to the crawlspace, take his little radio/cd player and snacks down there and just hang out. Now, keep in mind, he wasn't like 6 or 7 years old - HE WAS 15!!!! and THEN, Kyle - age 18! went down there and hung out with him TOO!!! BOYS! They never cease to amaze me. Yeah, those two boys - the ones who, when we lived in California and the pool was still too cold, filled up the trash cans with hot water to "SOAK" in!!! That's another story....for another day.....!

So back to A.J. in the attic....

Up he went. I was so excited to find out WHAT was in that box. Was it just an empty box? Full of vintage air? Or some old family photos? Was it a box of toys? WHAT WAS IN THERE????!!!!!

He brought it down. It was covered in lotsa dust. Lotsa tiny, little composition shingle granules that had accumulated over the years.

OPEN one flap. OPEN the next.


It's full of NOT-SO-OLD Christmas wrap, curling ribbon, tinsel/icicles, gift wrapping ribbon, melted candles, AND one glass, red and silver tree topper - bought from BI-MART!

So, here's the BIG question: Should I put it back up there for the next owners of the house to find - after I'm buried out under the big oak tree OR do I use it to wrap this years Christmas gifts OR do I just donate the stuff to my local Charity?

Oh well. My 1976 attic is NOW EMPTY! So much for those vintage love letters.....

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