Monday, September 14, 2009

More "Penny" Treasures.....

It's O.K. You can never have too many treasures.

Sure, you can have too much junk or too much clutter, 
but never too many treasures.

I just need to differentiate the difference before the walls, floors, and ceilings of my house explode from excess treasure!

I am making progress. I am trying to clean out all the corners stacked with "stuff" - good stuff mind you - and move it down to the "old" garage.

There, I will proceed to sort, separate, classify and properly store the good stuff and get rid of the others that don't make the cut.

Maybe I'll sell. 
Maybe I'll donate.

Maybe I'll I can't keep it all.....
Say it again....I CAN'T KEEP IT ALL!!!! 

Keep chanting those words.

In the meantime, here are a couple of things I've found in the last month or so. AND baby, this isn't even the tip of the iceberg....ADDICT? Maybe....
Maybe there's a 12-step program????

This is a metal desk that is painted haphazardly red. 

The desk top is particle board. 

It looks like a replacement for the original plywood one. 

It is painted with black chalkboard paint. 

I bet it looked good at one point, but now it's ready for a face-lift. 

A new apple-ply top (pressure laminated plywood layers - pretty pricey, yet worth every penny for style and strength). AND a new paint job. 

The metal is in really good shape and I just love the book cubby under the seat. 

Gives me flashbacks to the good 'ol days of grade school OR even better - NOT! - the days of the boys' school conferences.

Trying to squeeze an adult-sized hiney in a pint-sized desk!

Great style at an even GREATER price! Worth all 200 pennies, I'd say!
Next up, is a cache of wooden hangers. I got pick of the litter. 

Ten for $1.00. 

True, I had to struggle with them, like a barrel of monkeys, 
but there was a nice variety to choose from.
I even found a diamond in the rough - so to speak. Check out this little gem....
Yep, you read that right. DISNEYLAND HOTEL - ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA. 


I think 10 pennies is A-OK for that one.

I'm not sure if it's vintage or not, 'cause even though the Disney Company is a "close-personal-friend" of ours, 

I've never stayed in a Disneyland Hotel or Resort. 

It just doesn't work out that way....
So, I wouldn't know if their hangers are like this any more...???

AND for ZERO pennies, I got 4 wooden grape crates. 
(one is pictured with the wooden hangers in it) 

I planned on using them for actual grapes that I usually pass out to friends and acquaintances around town, but my trespassing deer ate most of them this year. AND what kind of person would I be giving away grapes that have deer slobber on them? 

So, they will surely become a mixed-media art project 
or stored until next grape-sharing season....

Lastly, I want to hear about your treasure hunting adventures...
Feel free to leave a comment...

Penny for your thoughts????

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