Wednesday, August 26, 2009

...and then I heard....

"So, what's the care and feeding of this tattoo?"

Then there was a chuckle. I guess no one had ever asked that question before.

Good thing I was paying attention because this was important stuff.

"Make sure you leave that pad (bandage) on for at least 2 - 4 hours."

"Wash with anti-biotic soap."

"Let air-dry."

"Put on a tiny, little bit of Neosporin or fragrance-free lotion."

"No swimming or soaking in a hot tub or bath."

"It'll scab over, but absolutely don't pick it off."

"Keep it out of the sun."

"Use sunscreen after it heals, so it doesn't fade."

"It may itch as it heals, but DON'T scratch it"

Yep. That was all good to over-hear when Phillip was asking the tattoo artist about his new tattoo.

We had a great trip to Maui. The weather was GREAT! The snorkeling was AWESOME! The food was YUMMY! The scoops of ice cream in the chocolate dipped waffle cones were HEAVEN!

The sunsets were incredible!

Our trip went smoothly all the way around. We had a blast!!! We can't wait to go back - yes, we will definitely be going back. AGAIN. Probably next year for our 25th!

The first day back, Phillip went to San Fran to a film seminar. No rest for him. Jet lag will be catching up with him.....

The next morning, I was awakened by some weird crunching and smacking sounds.

Looked out the window and was greeted by this guy....Yep. He was outside the window chomping on the grapes! and I noticed a few of my tomato plants chompled (is that even a word?) into little green sticks. All the foliage GONE! All the fruit HISTORY!

Looks like he had a cohort.

Oh well. I was still on happy Maui time. So, WHATEVER!!!!

Oh yeah. That advice I was so glad to over-hear? Well, what's good for the gander, is good for the goose.....

Introducing my NEW. My FIRST. My TATTOO! My Three Maui Sea Turtles Tattoo. One for each of my boys....It didn't hurt nearly as bad plucking eyebrows or waxing or getting ears pierced. Or having babies! This was a cakewalk compared to any one of those things!

AND...I hate getting shots or having blood drawn. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

Ta Ta


dengle said...

Its beautiful! and chompled? its totally a like you had an amazing time

Ginger said...

Wow you are so brave! Very cute too. Not you, I mean the tattoo. Well you are cute too. Who put this shovel in my hand?

patinamarie said...

Dengle, my friend, if anyone can appreciate a "new" word, it's you. You are the KING of "new" words!!!!
I miss those.....

patinamarie said...

Cute is in the eye of the beholder!!!


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