Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Turns out, even though we missed the first nights sunset, there is an equally, if not better, one the next night and the next.

I've taken scads of photos with my phone, hoping to be able to post, but alas, I cannot find the option to do so!

The Blogger image upload page is there, but it doesn't recognize my phone as an upload link. Bummer!

So, here's the deal. Close your eyes. Then imagine holding a paintbrush or two. You're dipping the brushes in vibrant orange, red, yellow and eloquently dragging the brushes horizontally across a purple/blue canvas. Moments later, you add a few strokes of deeper orange. Then some accents of even brighter yellow and red. You stare in awe for a while. You cannot believe the colors you are seeing. You take a zillion photos because as the paint mixes, it changes from moment to moment, becoming different, yet just as beautiful.

Then you dip your brush in lavender and blue. Brush it on gently, leaving the edges glowing in yellow and orange. You marvel at what you see. Add a darker shade of purple and deep blue. It's stunning. What a masterpiece!

Even darker still, with just a hint of radiance around the edge.

Stare. Enjoy. Take it all in, for soon it will gone. Mere moments, in fact.

You've dipped the large brush in the deepest, darkest blue, almost black. You cover the canvas entirely. The sun has set. Your canvas is primed for another day.


dengle said...

Look at you being all poetic and stuff.....I hope you are having an amazing time...I'm so jealous of you right now...bring me back a hot surfer boy

patinamarie said...

Only one????


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