Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Rusty, Crusty, Dusty....

Not sure why I am drawn to these sorts of things, but I just love this old rusty, crusty, dusty cart and wheel.

Out on a buggy ride, we took this photo.

Reminds me of something you'd see under the ocean. Kind of like those "behind-the-scenes" Titanic photos.

I think I was born in the wrong era. But I'm sure if I was born way long ago, I wouldn't appreciate the vintage nature of all these things, because they would just be part of the daily grind. Kind of like now. Go into any antique store, and even the things from our 70's and 80's childhood are considered vintage now. Say, the metal batons with those white rubber tips. Or the Six Million Dollar Man dolls, with the "bionic" eye.

It just seems that all the "old" things were built better. Not so much like now, where all things we buy seem to have a short lifespan. Way too temporary. What's with that? The whole world seems to be screaming GO GREEN, yet most things in the stores are cheap, mass produced and imported.

I certainly appreciate Made in the USA. Especially, the REAL stuff from times past. Just makes me warm and fuzzy thinking about re-using and re-purposing.

Especially the older furniture with dove-tailed drawers, not the glued and stapled together particle board. Or, as one customer service individual from a cabinet shop/furniture store told me recently, "that's made from furniture-grade MDF". Really? Furniture-grade MDF? Wow! One drip of water and it's over. MDF will swell up and be really ugly. Sure, MDF is heavy, if not heavier, than solid wood. But really?

I'd rather find something sturdy and used, and give it a new life.

I'll get off my soap-box, but just, please, before you run out and buy another table, chair, bench or cabinet from one of the big box stores, consider looking at the second-hand stores, the recycling centers, or a local habitat for humanity reseller, for a good bargain. You'll appreciate it more in the end. Plus, it's good for the earth, it's good for your community, and your pocketbook will thank you! AND when you add your personal touch to the item, it will be an original!


Janice said...

Right on Girlfriend!!! Trash to Treasure.........Hello from me to you! Janice

patinamarie said...

Hey, Janice, you all-knowing-trash-to-treasure girlfriend, thanks for commenting!!!!

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