Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wishin'. Hopin'. Dreamin'.

Yep. That's right.

Getting the Jones to go somewhere tropical. A secluded beach somewhere with crystal blue waters. Somewhere warm, but not as HOT as it's been here lately. I can handle 80 degrees, but not this stifling, stagnant, hot. True, Grants Pass is an awesome place to be, but the handful of summer days each year that the mercury tops 100 is much too much.

Granted, we lived in the Southern California Mojave desert for a long time, but you get acclimated to the constant heat. This stuff around here is so sporadic, that we never know if it's gonna be 60 or 90! Jeans and jackets or shorts and tees.

So, I'm a Wishin'. I'm a Hopin'. I'm a Dreamin'.

Maybe a trip above the clouds to a tropical paradise....called Maui? Maybe for an anniversary??? Maybe.....???

Hey, Sweetheart....I know we're going camping this summer, but I've got another idea.......

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