Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Kid You Not!

You know how a song can bring back a memory of a time? Or how a scent can remind you of something good?

Well, today while driving to work in my Jeep, I looked down at my little lunch box sitting next to me and had an immediate smell of warm bologna & cheese sandwiches and potato chips! I kid you not!!! A sensory flash back of that familiar smell of my lunch box when I was a kid. Do you remember that smell too? The one of the sandwich that was now warm from those hours sitting in the box waiting for lunch time?

I'm sure this lunch box hasn't been used for several years. It's dated 1973! AND this was the first time I used it. Normally, I'll put my lunch/snacks in a paper bag, but today I saw this sitting on the shelf and thought what the heck. I'll use it.

So there it is. What do you use as a lunch box? Or do you eat out every day?

Oh, and the last photo is my ANDY with the box....

I have to admit, as a kid, I was never much of an Andy and Annie fan. I was more of a Mrs. Beasley type. Remember her? She was an older woman with the blue polka dot dress and glasses. Never had one, but always wanted one.

Any who, it wasn't until I bought my "torn-necked Andy" that I began to appreciate him. Then I found the lunchbox. They will rotate into the Red, White and Blue guest room, which is now on hold. Kyle is living in that room now.....I've got too much on my plate to do that now anyway. Plus, I'm glad he's home!

Just as a footnote to yesterday's post. Last night, I was reminded that Kyle will be starting his job this week on his birthday AND A.J. starts his job on his birthday the following week. Wow! What a coincidence....

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