Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The front entry stairs - concrete base. These will be covered with rock.

Walkway forms for the back sidewalk. This will be colored stamped concrete.

This is the other side of the sidewalk that wraps the house.

Next, is the entry walkway that goes up the hillside from the garage under the house. These are the pads that the big honkin' rock slabs will be mortared onto. The gravel sections will be colored stamped concrete to match the sidewalk.

I can't wait!!!!!! It's a dream come true. Really! I've been visualizing this stage of the project for over a year now.

I'm starting to visualize the next phase....the landscaping. Yeah, buddy. Plants, grass, trees, flowers - my FAVORITE part of home ownership. The gardening!!!! Well, I do like the other puttering too. Decorating. Treasure hunting. Painting. Planning. Shopping. O.k., so maybe that's why the bank "gave" us a 30 year mortgage, 'cause with an older house, it takes that long to do everything!!!!!

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