Thursday, April 3, 2008

20 to 40!!!!

So, today I realized that I have 20 days until my 40th birthday. I've always thought it wouldn't be a big deal. I remember thinking, when each of my boys was born, that I would be 38 when Ty turned 18, 40 when Kyle turned 18 and then 43 when A.J. turned 18. So turning 40 really isn't a big deal. Almost everyone I know has already turned 40. I was always the "youngest". So why do I find myself thinking about it at least once or twice a day???

Maybe I'm supposed to think about it. As in, over-the-hill (or is that 50? - I hope, I hope!) Maybe 40 is the "new" 20??? Maybe, because my 25th wedding anniversary is only 2 years away?

Well, whatever the reason, I'm turning 40 in 20 days and life as I know it couldn't be better. Lots of changes happening where I live. The front porch is officially GONE. Non-existent. There is a huge chunk of roof-line missing and a wading pool where the concrete patio used to be. Maybe we shouldn't build a bedroom. Maybe the "pool" would be better???? No, not really. We've had a pool before and they really aren't all they're cracked up to be. Year-round maintenance for only a few weeks of pleasure. Now a spa on the other hand...that's one that's on the list of dreams...just outside the new master suite. Yes, that's the plan...Someday.....

So, now that the porch is gone, poor Wonka and our "inherited" outdoor cat, Hoodoo (therein lies another story!) don't know what to think. When I opened the soon-to-be-gone front door tonight, there they were, in the "pool", looking up to me. The look on Wonkas face says it all - "O.k. Mom, how am I supposed to open the door and let myself in now?" You see, ever since Phillip changed the front door handle to the thumb latch-type about 3 years ago, Wonka quickly learned how to let himself in the door.

Shortly following that discovery, we taught him to close the door on command. "Shut the door Wonka!" "Close the door Wonka!" Before long, we would hear him come in - toenails click-click on the floor - Then, WHAM! the door shuts! Ok. Maybe that's an exaggeration. It's not always a WHAM! Sometimes, he shuts it gently. So gently, that when we didn't hear the door shut, we tell him to close the door and he just stands there looking at us to say, "Hey, dummy. I already closed it!!!" Good dog.

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