Friday, March 28, 2008

Have you heard????

Kyle has finally grown into his ears!

When he was a little boy, his ears were bigger than life. He was so cute. I even capitalized on them when he was 3 years old. I dressed him up for Halloween as the cutest little Dopey dwarf you've ever seen. (I need to find that photo and post it!) His cute little dwarfy face (I don't think that's a word???) Big blue eyes. Adorable dimples. Rosey red cheeks. AND those cute ears that stuck out!

My friend Ginger even thought he looked a bit like Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine, but I thought he looked more like a happy little Dopey.

NOTE: he is very smart, head-strong and independant - maybe a bit corney, but not really Dopey at all.... unless you count this afternoon when he was hopping in and out and around my office screeching & acting like a monkey - scratching his head and pretending to find and select "offerings" to give me....Corney? Yes. Dopey? Well, maybe a bit!

Now, that he is almost 18!!! yup, 18!!! his ears are pretty tiny comparatively. I actually commented on them a couple of weeks ago. We were standing in the kitchen and he had just recently gotten a haircut. His ears looked tiny!

So, yesterday, when I noticed (how could I NOT notice!) that his "ears" were huge, I had to grab the camera and snap a couple of shots. It reminded me of the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood - "all the better to hear you with..."

The "ears" are actually the waste-piece that gets cut off a Smee foot. Yes, that is a foot that he is posing as the "Thinker" with.

Kyle, you have the best sense of humor!!! Mariska Hargitay, boy!!! I love you....and your ears!

UPDATE: Thanksgiving 2006 - After not having seen him for a few years, Ginger commented to me that Kyle no longer looked like Mr. Newman and had grown into quite a handsome young man.

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