Thursday, March 13, 2008

...and the dish ran away with the spoon.

And the plate. And the fork. And the glass....

Ever get that feeling? Yes. If you're a mom, you know that feeling I'm talking about. The one where you just want to wring their necks!!! (Not really wring them, for real, but you know what I mean!????)

Well, that's how I felt last week.

For some reason, my cupboards were pretty empty. I'm not talking about the food cupboards. I'm talking about the dish cupboards; and not just the cupboards, but the silverware drawer too!

Everytime I'd empty the dishwasher or wash the dishes by hand - yes, sometimes I do that - sometimes I find it relaxing! I found myself wondering where all the dishes had gone. I know I had at least 8 dinner plates, 8 little plates, a ton of bowls - glass and melamine - and more than 4 glasses! AND, how come my silverware drawer looks like service for two?!!!

Well, I've been nagging, pleading, and grouching at the boys (remember, there are only two of them in the house now!) to make sure there are NO dishes in their rooms. "Yes, mommy dearest, I've brought up all the dishes from my room." "No, mommy, sweet mommy, there are no dishes in the downstairs living room." "Yes, MOMMY! No, MOMMY!" "Whatever you want to hear MOMMY!"

MOMMY, my ass! Yes, my ass! I said it! Mine!!! Stomping downstairs with the wire basket and plastic tote to dredge the depths of their rooms and the living room. Lookey! Lookey what I found. ALL these dishes!!!! All these dishes that my dear sweet little boys (NO, not so little any more) DIDN'T have in their domain!!! Wow, I wish.....yeah, there are those words again.....Oh Well.

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