Saturday, March 1, 2008

Goodbye Leap Day 2008....

Hello March 1st!!!

So this is my little tribute to Spring.

RAIN - It's raining today. Cloudy, then a little bit of sunshine. A true Spring day.
PLAY - It's Saturday!!! My very favorite day of the week! I get to play, daydream and relax - well, most Saturdays anyway. Sometimes, I'm working at the Scrapbook store, working around the house or working in the yard. But can I really call any of that work? Really???
WARM - More sunny days. More of that beautiful warm sunshine coming in the windows on the South side of the house. Especially my scrapbook room. Those four 5' x 5' windows. It's nice to be able to roll up the wooden blinds and "Oh, let the sun shine in - face it with a grin - open up your heart - and let the sun shine in"...O.k., so that was weird...just a song from long ago, I guess. One I used to sing to A.J. mostly. So much, that at one point (when he was older than when I sang it to him, but younger than he is now) he swore his nick-name was Sunshine. I'd argued that I never called him Sunshine. If anything, I'd called him Little J - as in Adrion James (son) Phillip James (dad), so he was Little J. It wasn't until I sang that song out loud a couple of years ago that it dawned on me that's what he meant! DUH!!!

So, even on this rainy day - with breaks of sunshine, the house was a little chilly. That, of course, meant starting a fire. A.J. brought in wood. Phillip started a fire. And I made Veggie Beef soup. All overcast, rainy days demand soup. Right? Potato Broccoli Cheese? Chicken Noodle? Nope, today was Veggie Beef. Yummy! Plus, we had all the ingredients in the house. Gotta love not having to go to the grocery.

Seems Wonka and Dude are enjoying the warmth of the fire as well. You guys are just too cute!

Enjoy your weekend! Stay dry, play hard and keep warm!

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