Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rest In Peace #80.

So here is a picture of the cake and card I made for Judy's Birthday celebration - Judy is my Freeend from the Scrapbook store.

RECIPE: First, buy a piece of floral patterned paper from the scrapbook store. Then, make the carrot cake. Next, frost and decorate with cream cheese frosting. Finally, cut the flowers from the paper and make the card. Serves 1 birthday girl and 5 friends, plus leftovers for the hubby's and kids.

I used a "new" old #80 decorating tip that I've probably had since I bought my first large set of Wilton cake decorating tips in the late 80's. I've never used it, thus its new-old status. But, I have to say, I really liked the outcome of the petals. The tip was used for the base petals, then I used a tiny #1 tip for the over-piping.

There I was, happy to find something new. Pleased with its performance. Then I did it! In Tina-fashion, I took its little life away and ground it to smitherines in the garbage disposal! I always try to make sure when I'm washing them they don't fall into the deep, dark depths of the grinder, but somehow, even as careful as I am, one always loses its life!

Sorry little tip. You stood beside me all these years, moved so many times up and down the West Coast, just waiting to be discovered and have your chance. You did a great job. You worked hard....then you hardly look like a tip anymore.

Rest in Peace #80. You'll be missed......

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