Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's not so bad.....

In fact, yesterday, was pretty good!

I was awakened at 6:30 am! (for those who know me, you KNOW I'm NOT a morning person), by my cel phone ringing. It was my dear mother calling to wish me a Happy Birthday. She was in Oklahoma (she's a long haul truck driver, so we never really know where she's at) and when I asked her if she knew what time it was, she said, "Of course. I have a watch!"

She had great news about meeting her long-lost baby sister, who coincidentally is my age - one month older to be exact, that was put up for adoption at birth. Her name is Kim and she just so happens to live in Oklahoma! Mom would be meeting her for the first time around noon OK time.

The weird thing is, Mom's oldest sister, Catherine, and I have the same birthday - April 23. Catherine was killed in a car accident on Feb 1 - my mom's 18th birthday, 2 months before I was born. And now, my mom gets to meet her youngest sister on my birthday. Weird!

I saw some pictures of Kim today and she sure looks like family! Mom's nose/profile and June's (another of mom's younger sisters) smile and dimples. Mom's spent a long time looking for "the little sister" and now, as of yesterday, they've finally met! Nice!

Next, on the day's list, I came to work to find the cute little birthday song from my best friend, Phillip. The song lyrics are hysterical, but the words he wrote brought tears to my eyes....

Then, I get a bouquet of beautiful pink roses from my friend, Kay. Thanks Kay!

I got a unique wind chime that just screams "Tina-style" from my friend, Janice. I'm not sure where she found such a thing, but it's a door face-plate complete with clear glass door knobs that has the chimes made from skelton keys. Too stinking cute! Plus, an old potato masher with red flaking paint - what for? Janice had to remind me. (I'm old now, remember?) I had mentioned to her a few weeks ago that I wanted one...Oh yeah, to make a note holder. The masher side down and a close pin fastened to the handle, sticking up to use as a clip to hold a note or a photo. Thanks, Janice for the gifts and for the reminder.....!

Kristin surprised me as well - I'm still chuckling... The "Don't Panic" mug filled with my favorite - CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Dove dark chocolate no less. I've already started eating them. AND guess what? I found the most fitting verse in Chocolate #3...Yes, I've eaten THREE so far. What's another pound at 40? AGE IS NOTHING BUT A NUMBER.

Thanks to Melissa McG.... too. What a REAL surprise! To get a card from one of my newest friends. We are more like collaborative scrapbook pals at this point - she is a customer who just so happens to see me everytime I work at the scrapbook store - which isn't so often, so either she is there everyday (Melissa, does your hubby know?) or it's just been Karma that we see each other every time I'm there. Hopefully, we will continue to grow as friends.

Lastly, last night was Kyle's academic masters competition with the 3 other county high schools. He did very well and placed 3rd. I think he should have at least placed second, as he did really well. Several of the students that did very well didn't place 1st or 2nd either, so something seemed a bit strange....Who knows?! I wasn't a judge, so apparently they saw something in the first place winners that I didn't.

So, today, I'm 40+ 1 day and it's not so bad......

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