Friday, April 4, 2008


So this is Myles. (pronounced: Miles)

He is A.J.'s new veiled Chameleon. He is approximately 30 days old. A.J. put him on lay-away a couple of weeks ago (well, not exactly him, but the "future" him). Yesterday, afterschool, A.J. got an email from the reptile shop that the Chameleons had arrived. A.J. could hardly contain himself. He wanted to go into town NOW! But, alas, he would have to wait and practice patience.

So, today, since there was no school, A.J went in to work with Phillip. Erik and the two of them had "craft-day" at work building a Chameleon cage. After work, Phillip, A.J. and I, went to the store to take a look. They had two, a male & a female on display - and approximately 100 more upstairs! Yes, 100!!! Apparently, these little reptiles lay 30+ eggs per clutch! Poor mommies!!! I've got 3 kids. I can't imagine adding a zero!!!

Anyway, A.J. picked the male and he held him. Now if you know me at all, you know that reptiles make my skin crawl. I can appreciate them from afar, like on t.v., but I'll jump out of my skin if even a teeny-tiny lizard runs anywhere near me. Even the sound of dry leaves crackling under their weight makes my skin get goose pimples! BUT - and this is HUGE! - I let A.J. put him on my hand and I actually held him. He was so little and calm. His movements are really slow like a little old man (or woman - maybe a woman of, say, 40!!!) His eye (singular) looked up a me and the other eye was looking a totally different direction to stare at A.J. Really weird to watch, but not creepy. I wasn't afraid!!! I wasn't even nervous! I even kind of liked him!!!!

A.J. has been working hard doing various chores and "sonny-do's" around the house to earn money to buy the cage materials, supplies, and Myles. He still has about $25 left to pay on him. Keep up the good work, A.J. and about the time your new room is ready for you, you'll have yourself a new roommate!

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