Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Porch = New Door

So here it is. My "dream" door to welcome my friends and family to my new porch.

The porch is still a ways off, but when it arrives, this will be THE door.

I can imagine the porch with its dual, creamy white, Craftsman-style columns atop their square rock bases. The bungalow-style, multiple concrete steps, complete with the planter platforms on the left and the right, leading up to the painted wood-planked floor of the covered porch. So cozy with the bench, blooming flower pots and, finally, I'll unpack my garden and holiday flags to fly on one column. I'll even get to add the house numbers and maybe a wall-hung mail box. I can't wait. Really, I'm so excited. I can't wait!!!

It'll be so fun to decorate for each special occasion and season. Flower pots in the Spring; RED, WHITE and BLUE for the 4th of July; Pumpkins on the stairs for Fall; and those adorable mini-evergreens with their bases wrapped in burlap and tied with raffia for Christmas. Oh, it'll be the entry porch I've always, ALWAYS wanted!!!

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